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Make your trade show Exhibitions something to be proud of.

Exhibiting at a trade show is a fantastic way to introduce your company to potential customers. As your stand is the first thing about your company that new client’s will see, it needs to be perfect. This is where Hytner Exhibitions can step in and increase your trade show conversions.

What we do

Hytner Exhibitions are an exhibition and event solutions company that can help you with every stage of your event requirements, from start to finish. We supply the whole range of exhibition equipment as well as all the services you would need to make your event a success.

Ready to go solutions

We have a huge selection of modular stands available so you can create a bespoke shape from ready to go kits. Our shell scheme solutions will allow you to make the most of a limited budget, and we have a range of pop up displays for a lightweight portable option. We can also supply solutions for outdoor events.

Once you’ve got chosen your stand, we can furnish it with various accessories in addition to supplying high impact graphics. Whatever your budget, we can help you to create a unique display that is guaranteed to draw in new customers.

Bespoke solutions

If you are looking for something unique, we can make it for you. We can make everything you need, from large structures to detailed models for your display to inspire and attract new customers. If you have the budget, we can build it.

Creative solutions

As an exhibition and event solutions company, we don’t just supply the equipment, we create solutions to fit your brand. We can help you from the initial concept through to design and printing the graphics with a high quality finish. We can create a final design for your stand that is both high impact and budget friendly.

Stand building solutions

Supplying your display is just part of what we do. We can also transport it for you and build it at your event. We can even hold it for you in our warehouse until you need it. We have solutions that are easy to construct yourself, or for the more complex our trained staff will put your structure together, and take it down again once the exhibition has finished.

Our team

We wouldn’t be successful without our wonderful team of enthusiastic staff. Between us, we have years of experience in the industry so we are fully equipped to understand your requirements. Our customer service team, stand building experts, and creative design specialists are all dedicated to ensuring that your event or exhibition is a complete success.

How to Get Your Stand Design Seen


Stand Designs should be seen using these key basics

The objective of presenting at an exhibition is to introduce your company and products to your target audience. Stand design is a key part of achieving this objective, but is not the only aspect that needs to be considered. One factor that plays a crucial role in drawing potential customers is the location of your stand within the venue. Occasionally you won’t have a choice about your location within the exhibition, but if you do, there are many ways in which you can maximise the opportunity to attract a larger crowd.

Obtain a Floorplan

Prior to the event, obtain a floorplan of the venue so you can plan where the best position would be to get your stand design seen. If your stand is tucked away in the corner of the room, it may be easily looked over. If you can see from a floorplan which areas of the venue are likely to attract the most footfall, you can plan your position accordingly.

Planning Your Position

When planning your position, you will need to think about how your stand design will attract attention in relation to the other displays around you. If you are in the centre of an aisle, you will need a high impact stand design to draw attention to your display over others around you. The corner of an aisle benefits from having open sides and can be seen from multiple directions, so is therefore more welcoming to potential visitors. Alternatively, an island in the centre would be a prime position for heavy foot traffic.

Facilities and Amenities

If your display is close to facilities and amenities, like the toilets or refreshment areas, this is a huge benefit in terms of foot traffic. It may not be beneficial to be directly adjacent to them, as people don’t tend to stop immediately after they leave these areas, but if your stand design is close enough to be within their line of vision, then you are more likely to attract their attention.

Neighbouring Stands

If you are able to obtain information about the positions of other exhibitors, use this to determine the most advantageous position for your company. You don’t want to be surrounded by companies that offer the same service or products, as this makes it more difficult to draw the attention of potential customers away from them and towards your stand. However, being positioned next to an industry leader is likely to draw more attention to your display.


Proven Exhibition Ideas To Engage Customers


Potential clients are more likely to place business with your company if they feel they have developed a rapport with you during their visit to your stall. In order for this to develop, it would be beneficial for you to spend as much time with them as possible. If the exhibition is running over multiple days, you can use this to your advantage by taking the opportunity to entice customers to return to your display during their second day. There are a number of exhibition ideas to help achieve this objective.

Developing Displays

If your display includes a developing exhibition idea, visitors are more likely to return to see how this has advanced throughout the course of the event. For example, you could use a piece of art that your target audience can contribute to, or that will change depending on the interaction on social media sites. This will encourage visitors to return to see the progress of the artwork.


Competitions are a fantastic way to tempt customers to return to your stall, particularly if you offer different prizes each day. This will persuade potential clients to come back to re-enter the competition for another chance at winning. Try to make the competition interesting and relevant to your business. A competition that is new and exciting, or has interesting prizes is more likely to motivate customers to get involved.


Interactive games are a brilliant exhibition idea to attract new clients to visit your stall. We all have a bit of competitiveness in us, so any game with a high score is likely to draw customers back to check their position on the leader boards. Games are also more likely to stick in your client’s mind so your business will be remembered after the event.


Exhibitions can be exhausting work, so providing a pit stop where visitors can find refreshments or even free Wi-Fi to check emails will inevitably give you the opportunity to get talking to a potential customer. They are also more likely to return if they know that this is something you offered from their first visit.

These are just a few exhibition ideas available that could give you the edge over your competition. The key to finding the right one for you is to make sure it is in line with your company’s brand to ensure your message stays in your customer’s minds, even when the event is over.

Exhibition Systems reviewed – which fits the bill?


Choosing the right Exhibition System is all down to tailored solutions

There are so many exhibition systems on the market that it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best fit for your business. Here we will look at some of the exhibition systems available and their advantages to your company.

Foga System

Hytner Exhibitions are an exhibition and event solutions company that can help you with every stage of your event requirements, from start to finish. We supply the whole range of exhibition equipment as well as all the services you would need to make your event a success.

Mero Structures

Foga System exhibition systems are available for a variety of requirements. The product range includes modular stands, double storey options, shell scheme solutions and a portable display kit, so you are bound to find an option that fits in with your budget or space restrictions.

The systems are available in a range of finishes, including anodised aluminium or RAL colours, which is obviously an advantage in that you can choose the best option to compliment your brand.

Modul Systems

The exhibition systems provided by Modul Systems are primarily modular solutions. Their range is huge so you virtually create a bespoke display from their various components. The benefit of a Modul system is therefore twofold. You can create a unique stand with the ease of a modular kit.


Unibox’s forte is their modern take on modular solutions and their tension fabric displays.

Unibox can create an incredibly modern stand of any size with the modular range thanks to the constant development of their systems.

The tension fabric option is great for larger areas. The Unibox selection includes archways in addition to the straight or curved options, and displays can be hung from a wall or ceiling, or even erected as a freestanding display. The best part of the fabric option is that it can be folded for ease of transportation without ruining the graphics.

Eurostand Display

Eurostand’s strength lies in their portable display options and accessories. The key feature of their product range is that it is lightweight and compact so easy to transport to your event. The range is also ideal for those on a smaller budget.

T3 Systems

T3 Systems can provide both modular displays and components to adapt the graphics from the modular displays to fit shell scheme solutions. This obviously is an advantage if you are attending multiple events with different stand options.

Sodem System

Sodem System’s main selling point is their tension fabric displays. The tension fabric option is great for a high-quality finish. You can also get your money’s worth if you are planning to exhibit at a number of events, as this option is reusable and easy to transport.

Bespoke Stands vs Modular Exhibition Stands


Don’t lose their interest, Bespoke and Modular can really make you stand out!

Bespoke Stands vs Modular Exhibition Stands

When exhibiting at a trade show or promotional event, your stand could be the make or break of your success. Your display can be the difference between standing out enough to draw potential customers from across the venue, and being so insignificant that customers walk by barely noticing you are there.
So this leads to the question, which is a better investment to ensure your display is a success – Bespoke Stands or Modular Exhibition Stands? The answer is not as clear-cut as you might expect.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands are standard pieces – or modules – that are set shapes and sizes that are joined together to make your display. This may not sound particularly likely to draw the customers in, but Modular Exhibition Stands can be the start of a striking structure.
With Modular Exhibition Stands, you choose the number of components and the best-suited shapes, based on the space that is available and the nature of your exhibit. The fantastic thing about these displays is although each piece is a standard shape, they can be built upon with additional pieces to create something that stands out.
In addition to this, Modular Exhibition Stands are also easy to install and take down, relatively compact and can be reused with updated interchangeable graphics for future events. If you do choose to reuse them, you won’t need to worry about the space available as the modules can be rearranged to suit your requirements.

Bespoke Stands

So, if Modular Exhibition Stands are so beneficial, why would you choose a Bespoke one? The answer here is probably the most obvious one. A Bespoke Stand can be made exactly to your requirements and can be created in line with your brand guidelines.
A Bespoke Stand is ideal if you have a large space to fill, and want to create shapes and graphics that are distinct and eye-catching. With a Bespoke Stand, you can be as creative as your imagination and budget will allow, and design a display that will have a high impact with your target audience. They are particularly suitable for an individual event, where you want to make a big impression and stand out from the crowd.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is it all depends on what you need from your display. If you need something that can be modified and used for multiple events, then the Modular Exhibition Stand is the solution for you. However, if you need something unique, in line with your branding and that will make a big impact, then the Bespoke Stand is the option you need.

So which Shell Scheme Solutions work?

Which Shell Schemes work for your exhibition?

Choosing the right Shell Scheme Solution for your Exhibition can transform your exhibit

Shell Scheme Solutions

If you are new to exhibiting, it can be difficult to know where to start with all the different stand options available. Shell Scheme Stands are ideal for first-time exhibitors or for those on a budget as they give you an area with walls erected ready for you to decorate with your display for a low cost.

The only problem with this option is that the framework looks identical to all the other Shell Scheme Stands in the venue. So how do you make your display stand out from the crowd? There are many Shell Scheme Solutions that will enable you to draw your target audience in.

Graphic Panels

Graphic Panels are a simple Shell Scheme Solution that allows you to create an eye-catching display at a low cost. You can print the panels with any full colour design depending on what you are exhibiting. You could use large, bold images covering the entire panel to draw your target audience in based on their interest in the visual. Alternatively you could use simple plain coloured panels that compliment your branding, with a simple message on one or two panels to pique your intended customer’s curiosity.

Fabric Dressing

An alternative Shell Scheme Solution for your stand is a fabric dressing. Printing your design on to fabric gives you a great quality, durable backdrop that will fill the entire wall space without any gaps or breaks. The seamlessness of the design along with the textured material will give you the edge over your neighbouring stands. In addition to this, the fabric option is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to install so you will have your display ready to go in minutes. The long-lasting nature of the fabric also means it can be used for multiple exhibitions, giving you value for money.

Shell Cladding

Cladding is another option that provides a continuous display with no break in the design. This Shell Scheme Solution offers a combination of the fabric and panel options. The graphics can run the entire length of all the available wall space without interruption, while printing on the panel material gives you an affordable option. This enables you to have a high impact stand, with bold, bright graphics to draw your potential clients without blowing your budget. It is also an easily installable option that is lightweight and easy to transport.

So Shell Scheme Stands need not be dull – using one of these Shell Scheme Solutions you can create an affordable display to entice your customers that can be reused for exhibitions time and time again.

Engaging customers with great exhibition stand design


No matter who your customers are, attract, inform and persuade

Having nearly 40 years’ experience successfully designing and building exhibition stands for a diverse range of customers, we know the importance of having a great Exhibition Stand Design to attract customers at events. But to maximise your time at these events, you’ll need to know how to engage customers at your exhibition stand.

It’s not purely about turning up. There will be other exhibitors present who will all be trying to maximise the return on their investment and competing for the attention of customers. So what can you do to stand out and gain an edge over others?

The key is in careful planning, not just during the exhibition but before and after it too. It’s about working to attract clients to your exhibition stand and developing that relationship with them after the show is over.

Here are some proven tips to help make that difference:


Advertise yourself

Get the word out, make sure people know you’re there and where you will be in advance. Do some prep work and find out what other events are on in the lead-up to yours. Both in the lead-up and on the day, give people as much information as you can about where you’ll be, what will be on offer and give them the opportunity to book appointments to see you at the show.

Make your exhibition stand attractive

Don’t just rely on having an eye-catching design. Exhibition Stand Design is vital but it doesn’t work unless you consider what goes on the stand itself too. Can you offer an exciting new product? Interactive demos? Enticing give-aways? Competitions? A celebrity to draw people in?

Do your research

Check out your competition and be aware of what they’re doing. Also, seek out what networking opportunities there are.

Plan how to collect your leads

Look into utilising technology such as scanners.


During the show

Have a unique attraction

Something like an oxygen bar offering flavoured oxygen at your exhibition stand could be effective, as could offering any refreshments. Or an innovative technological gadget to keep people interested.

Be an engaging presence

Be constantly trying to interact with people and attract them to your exhibition stand. Look enthusiastic and willing to chat to people – no sitting down playing with mobile phones!

Be omnipresent

Walk the show to keep aware of what’s going on. Network in the coffee areas. If you can, see if you can get a spot as a speaker at one of the seminars.

Tweet during the show

Use of social media is becoming more of an important tool. Try Live Tweeting and getting customers to follow you, it could be a good way of keeping them interested after the show! and tell them how great your exhibition stand design is, if it really is!



Be sure to follow up leads to keep momentum going. Engage with people directly and via mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Use your PR team to promote your involvement at the show, using pictures of your exhibition stand. Finally, don’t forget to keep people informed of your movements – which shows, conferences and seminars you will be at next!


In summary, whatever your product, service or offering, your exhibition stand won’t draw or pull in eyeballs or footfall unless you think about the entire package – good exhibition stand design, research, preparation, marketing and awareness.

Five killer tips to make your exhibition stand design convert


Be prepared and make a lasting stand for your exhibition!

Ask those who are not in the industry about the importance of your exhibition stand design at any show, and they’ll more than likely tell you that you’re worrying about nothing and that the product should do the talking. However, ask anybody who has presented a stand at an exhibition, and they’ll tell you the opposite.

The reality is that in some cases the ‘battle’ is won or lost before the doors even open, and with that in mind, here we explore five killer tips that will ensure your exhibition stand design does not hinder your chances of conversion.

Be meticulous in your approach

If you’re presenting your company at any exhibition, you will need to plan several things well in advance. First, book your place as early as possible. Once you’re booked, ensure your stand makes an instant impact. Your potential customer should get a  good impression about who you are, what you do, and how much of a professional service they can expect before you’ve even started a discussion.

Target the right audience

If you’ve ever attended an exhibition, you’ll know that no two events are alike, even if they’re targeted at the same audience. Different venues bring people with varied interests and ages, and it’s important that you use research available to you to get one step ahead of your competition.

Clear messages through content

A visitor should be drawn to your stand by your message, which can be achieved using stand graphics. However, once you have their attention, it’s important that you keep it. One sure-fire way to drive potential clients away is to over complicate what you are offering by bombarding them with different messages. This is why it’s important to ensure that your message remains constant.

Make sure everybody knows your message

The likelihood is that the people setting up the exhibition stand design are different people to the ones selling. As that is the case, it’s crucial that all involved meet before the day to discuss the direction of the campaign. Once everybody is on the same page, the day should be much easier.

Review your success on the day

Before you start, make sure that your company has an effective method to measure how successful your campaign is on the day. While every company should take steps to prepare, a post-mortem will help more than you can fathom for upcoming exhibitions. Ask yourself questions like; did I get my message across well enough, did my stand attract the same number of people as those around me, and did anybody make any points that I can use next time?

Ultimately, when it comes to exhibition stand design, preparation is crucial. Take the time to research your market and make sure the message you’re trying to get across is clear. In any instance, the likelihood that your exhibition stand design will be perfect first time around is limited. Therefore, use every exhibition as a learning curve.