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Why Outdoor LED Screens?

Why Outdoor LED Screens

Bring some added appeal to your stand with an outdoor LED screen.

What do you think of when you think of Times Square and Piccadilly Circus? Bright lights? Eye-catching? Visually appealing? Well, what if you could use that same concept at an exhibition event? You can, with outdoor LED screens!

Though there are many great ways to attract visitors to your stand at an exhibition, none are quite as effective and versatile as outdoor LED screens. Using this digital feature gives your stand a clean and modern look, and is a great way to present information to your potential customers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more reasons why you should use outdoor LED screens and here we explore those reasons in more detail…

Eye-catching and high impact

You don’t have to be an expert in user experience to know that, in comparison to a standard exhibition stand, an outdoor LED screen is fundamentally better at attracting visitors. They add a unique feature to a stand that makes it more eye-catching and  visually appealing than a conventional display. The brightness of the screens also means that they can be used under almost any lighting, and have a larger visibility range which will draw visitors from across the exhibition.

Appeal to multiple senses

Another great feature of outdoor LED screens is that they appeal to both audio and visual senses. Most standard aspects of a display will attract visitors based on one sense or the other, but these screens provide a multi-sensory experience through which potential customers can learn about your business or products in a more interactive way.

Informative display

An outdoor LED screen can provide as much or as little information to your potential customers as you like. They can be used to feature one constant image or show alternating images or text to convey a larger amount of information without being too overwhelming. They are much more interesting to look at than a brochure and people are more likely to take in the information if it is displayed in memorable format.

Adaptable sizes

Another great advantage of outdoor LED screens is that they are available in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any requirements. Stand sizes vary so it’s important that any additional equipment can fit in the space available. The great thing about outdoor LED screen is that they can be made to display your message at a size that suits your stand design.


For those who exhibit at events regularly, outdoor LED screens are an ideal way to display different information to suit each exhibition. The images or text that features on the screen can easily be changed and it is a far more cost effective way to adapt your display for each event


And so the visual and sensory impact from outdoor LED Screens is beyond compare. For maximum impact and a higher foot traffic at your stand there is no better option. The digital features will give your stand a contemporary and modern feel. With adaptable and reusable screens, it’s perfect for those attending more than one exhibition. And of course it’s also the fastest way to present information to visitors at exhibitions.

An outdoor LED screen will give you that necessary ‘wow factor’ that you need to stand out from the competition. Let me assure you that there is no better way to showcase your brand than with this eye catching, sleek technology.

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What Does A Typical Exhibition Brief Look Like?

Typical Exhibition Brief

With a proper startegy in place you can maximise the opportunity

An exhibition is a condensed extension of your company, it’s an opportunity to showcase your brand whilst attracting new leads as well as network with other businesses. To ensure your attendance at the event is successful, you will need a clear idea of what is it you expect to gain and how this will be accomplished.

This can only be done with an appropriate plan of action before hand, an exhibition brief, focused on achieving your goals and maximising your investment. Here are a few things to consider when you’re creating your own…

Decide on a goal

Goal setting is the first step towards success, it is the source of motivation for you and your team. You’re chosen goal should be realistic and measurable so that you can later evaluate the exhibitions impact on your company. An example of an objectives could be to Generate 100 leads? Make 30 direct sales? or Build a contact database?

Choose the right exhibition

When deciding on which exhibition you’d like to attend, research thoroughly multiple events, comparing their suitability. Does it meet your budget requirements? Are your competitors likely to attend? What is the industry segment? These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself when considering different exhibitions.

If you can, visit the exhibition the year before so you can get an idea as to whether it is right for your business and how successful your attendance will be.

Create an appealing stand

There will be many other exhibitors at the event, some of which will be your competition, for that reason your display will need to stand out from the crowd. Interesting visuals and strategic lighting are just a few of the ways which you can you can create maximum impact on your stand, along with fun features or competitions. Try to keep information concise and easy to read so potential customers can gain the relevant knowledge about your business without being overwhelmed.

Promote the exhibition

Promotion is a vital step in your exhibition brief, to draw new and existing customers to attend the exhibition event, you must publicise your presence beforehand. You can do this through email marketing, adding an advertisement to any correspondence or just try to bring it up in any conversation with clients.

Afterall if they don’t know you’re there, they won’t visit your stand.

Fulfilling your goals

In preparation for the exhibition it’s vital to prep and brief your team giving them the proper motivation, to ensure that when exhibition is underway they will remain focused on the objectives to guarantee a successful day.

In order to fulfill your objectives it’s essential to listen to your client’s needs and respond to them accordingly. Promoting the benefits of your products rather than the features or the technical specifications.

Categorise leads based on their priority to make following up easier after the event. Make sure you listen to your client’s needs and respond accordingly, by doing so it will later on help convert a lead into a sale. Finally when promoting your product focus on the benefits rather than the feature or technical specifications.

Follow up leads

The follow up is just as if not more important that the exhibition event itself. Since most prospects won’t make a purchase straight away or rarely take the time to contact the company, it is therefore up to you to initiate conversation based on your initial meet in order to convert those leads into sales. The process can be made easier by categorising leads based on their priority during the event.

Be prepared to make contact several times before you make a sale.


And so when it comes to writing and exhibition brief it’s all about the bigger picture. Therefore, as long as you have a clear and concise objective with the steps to help you achieve it, the whole process will be facilitated and help ensure that your team is in unison.

A good strategy and a well thought out plan is key if you want to optimise your chances of converting leads into sales and with our hints and tips it should get you on the right path to do just that.

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Why the NEC Birmingham is the Ingredient to Your Success

NEC Birmingham Venue

Boost your chances of success by exhibiting at one of the best spaces in Europe.

The award-winning NEC Birmingham is one of Europe’s most prestigious arenas for exhibitions and events. It hosts hundreds of events each year in which over 33,000 exhibitors take part. So, what exactly makes this venue the #1 choice for organisers? Here are a few factors that have contributed to its excellent and well deserved reputation…

Renowned venue

The NEC Birmingham first opened its doors in 1976 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and since then, its popularity skyrocketed, firmly establishing itself as one of the UK’s number one venues. In 2013/14 it hosted over 500 events, which includes the Spring Fair International. Other household names like, BBC Good Food, Grand Designs and Autosport have also held their events there.

Their long-establishment combined with the well known organisations that have hosted their event at NEC Birmingham has helped solidify this venue as #1.

Unrivalled connections

There is no other venue in the UK with better transport connections than NEC Birmingham! The city’s international railway is virtually a five-minute walk through a walkway that connects the two and for passengers flying to Birmingham Airport, they can use the 90 second monorail (running every 2 minutes) without even stepping a foot outside.

Central location

Did you know three quarters of the population are less than a three-hour drive away from the NEC Birmingham? Located in the West Midlands, its central location makes it a convenient and accessible spot for 75% of England.
Their car parks can accommodate up to 16,500 cars, with shuttle services that take you directly to the halls.

High volume of visitors

The NEC Birmingham is a hugely popular venue for a variety of visitors. On a yearly basis it welcomes around 2.1 million people, from all over the UK and EU. Their LG Arena alone has a capacity for 15,643 guests.

Exhibitors can almost guarantee high levels of footfall at their event, which inevitably leads to more leads that can turn into sales.

Increased sales

Previous exhibitors will testify to the fact that attending an event at the NEC Birmingham has contributed to more sales for their business than any other event. The Spring Fair is the longest running show at the venue and in 2012 they achieved a spectacular 2 billion pounds worth of sales in a period of five days!

Fantastic Facilities

The NEC Birmingham has a vast range of outstanding facilities. It has 20 interconnecting halls and 34 conference halls and their spaces are extremely flexible. As an organiser you have the option of a ready-made layout, pillar free spaces or blank canvas to express your own creativity. Not to mention, the on site spa, bar, shops, restaurants and hotel with 2,195 rooms, which of course have free Wi-Fi.


This well seasoned arena is ‘the’ location for anyone who is looking to boost his/her business to its full potential as it clearly has fantastic facilities, great accessibility and high volumes of visitors time and time again. There are few places that can guarantee success but the NEC Birmingham is one that most certainly can.

For the best venue you will need the best stand, therefore why not look through our Custom-Build Stands for a little inspiration.

And finally, you should never conform to the simple, traditional uninspiring exhibitions, especially if you’re looking to jump ahead of the competition. The NEC Birmingham will put you on the map!


6 Most Commonly Asked Questions When Exhibiting For The First Time

6 Most Commonly Asked Questions When Exhibiting

The top exhibitioner questions answered

Attending an exhibition is a great way to meet prospective clients, but exhibiting for the first time can raise many questions. With this exhibition guide, specifically for first timers, it should give you a clearer idea on how to get started so that you can be an exhibition expert in no time.

1.Why should I take part in an exhibition?

Exhibitions are a tremendously valuable marketing tool. Taking part in them can bring many benefits to your business. One of them being the chance of meeting key prospects, which with the correct follow up methods, long term could lead to eventual growth in sales, profits and brand awareness.

It is also an excellent platform to use if you’re looking for instant feedback on your products or your company. Whilst secretly snooping on your competition.

2.How do I know which exhibition to attend?

Do not attempt to attend every exhibition available! Not only is it a waste of time, but it is also a complete waste of money and valuable marketing resources.

You should firstly, research on which exhibition event correlates with your companies objectives. It is also worth finding out whether your competitors will be there as this will be a good indication as to whether you should be attending the event or not.

3.When do I need to start planning for the exhibition?

Exhibitions involve a great deal of preparation, so it’s best to start planning as early as possible. This could be up to a year in advance. Often if you book your exhibitions space, travel and accommodation arrangements in advance you can find great deals and discounts, so it’s a good idea to get yourself organised to save money in the long run because exhibitions can be expensive.

4.What costs will I need to consider?

A common mistake that people make, is to underestimate the costs of an exhibition and all it entails. When arranging a budget it’s important remember that costs will involve more than just the stand and exhibition space.

You’ll also need to consider travel and accommodation, staff for their time and training, and even some services that the venue may or may include in the space rental cost such as sales literature, cleaning or additional furniture.

Venues will typically base the costs on the area that you might occupy, whether it’s indoors or outdoors and the value of potential foot traffic at your stand.

5.What type of stand do I need?

The type of stand you will need will depend on how much space you have available to you at the exhibition. There’s a large range of stands to choose from, if you’d like to see some examples then have a look at our Services page.

Pop-up displays are a good, cost-effective choice. Particularly if you are new to exhibiting. If you have the budget, it’s best to opt for a custom-built stand that will most certainly generate tons of attention and lure in potential leads.

However if you are exhibiting for the first time, it’s a good idea to test how successful your attendance at trade shows will be before committing to buying a large, custom display. If you’d like to know more about exhibition stands and our services in general do no hesitate to get in touch with us.

6.How do I attract people to my stand?

A high impact stand is what you need to stand out from other exhibitors and attract potential customers. Bold, professionally made graphics with a clear message, to clarify what your business does. Avoid having handwritten signs, which may look messy and keep text to a minimum.

Your stand should look approachable; therefore clean and tidy with no major obstacles that may deter visitors from your stand. Moreover, staff should look enthusiastic and friendly always smiling opposed to looking forbidding. They should be welcoming but not overzealous, wear nametags and have a common dress code. Looking bored or disinterested, eating and talking on the phone are guaranteed ways to discourage people from visiting your stand.

In nutshell…

An exhibition can be an extremely powerful tool if used correctly. It’s an investment all businesses should consider. We understand it can be daunting to try something new for the first time. And with any luck, we’ve put your mind at ease. So if you’re truly looking to grow your company, why not read our 12 Invaluable Exhibition Tips and Tricks Geared for Success.

Perhaps you’re looking to get things moving along straight away? In that case, you should definitely read our Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Exhibition Venue.


We’d love to hear your thoughts, so why not tweet us @HytnerExhibitions ! Which tips will you use on your next event? 


10 Reasons Why Companies Fail At Exhibitions


Guaranteed trade show success when you avoid these common exhibition errors

Attending an exhibition can generate many leads for your business. Maximise the opportunity by following our exhibition advice and avoiding these common mistakes to ensure your event is a success.

1.     Attending the wrong exhibition

It is a waste of time and resources to attend every event available. Ensure you are attending the right show for your business by conducting some research, this way you can establish whether your target audience will be in attendance.

2.     Not advertising before the event

Make sure you advertise in advance that your company will be attending the event. By doing so, you will create enough interest from your potential customers to come and see you. Because after all, if people don’t know you are there, they wont visit your stand.

3.     Attending the event without an objective

Have a goal, a purpose an objective in mind! You and your team should know why you are there and by having something to aim for, it provides the proper motivation and helps them focus on the end result. With an objective in mind, you will be able to plan accordingly on how to achieve your desired outcome.

4.     Having a dull stand

Your stand will have 3-5 seconds to grab attention because as humans, we are naturally attracted to what is visually appealing. Which is why, a display can either help or hinder your chances of generating leads. By having a high impact display, it will intrigue people and make them want to find out more about your business.

5.     Having poor marketing literature

Short, informative and to the point! That is what you should keep in mind when it comes to marketing literature. This is what will engage visitors to read it and find out more about your products/services. A lengthy text will only dissuade your visitors from reading your content.

6.     Failing to capture leads

Attending an exhibition is all about meeting prospective clients. You want to generate the highest number of leads in the limited time available. Make it a priority to welcome as many people as possible to your display, and concentrate on the key points when discussing your business.

7.     Failing to demonstrate product advantages

Customers don’t want to hear your company history or lots of technical specifications. They want to know what your product does how it will or could benefit them. Once they can see the advantage, they’ll be much more interested in your product.

8.     Having an unapproachable stand

An exhibition is very much about visual and auditory perception, your staff should be trained to understand that their behaviour and conduct is just as important (if not more) as the product or service it self. Staff at the event will need to look approachable so they don’t scare off potential visitors. They need to look enthusiastic, not bored, and shouldn’t be eating or on the phone when they could be greeting potential customers.

9.     Not training staff

To the visitors, your exhibition stand staff is the face to your product or service. Therefore, they must be carefully selected and well trained and informed on what it is that they represent and are trying to sell. By keeping them well informed, they will be able to handle any and all inquiries that visitors may have.

10.  Failing to follow up leads

This is the most common error, yet the most important exhibition advice we can offer. Research shows that only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up. The people who visit your stand will not go out of their way to contact you. Meaning, that once the event is over it is vital to conduct a follow up on any leads that were generated at the exhibition in order to convert them into sales.

To conclude…

Exhibition events are the chance to showcase your strengths, engage with your visitors and show them why you’re worthy of their business. A product or service alone is not enough to attract a visitor, which is why with all these vital points combined together; it forms an undisputed recipe for success. With a little devotion and determination to succeed you will take your company to the next level.

Now that you know what it takes to succeed, make sure that your choice of venue is not neglected, so why not read our previous article “The Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Exhibition Venue”

Once you’ve got your venue see Custom Built Stands to learn about how we can help you turn your idea into a full-scale reality, with our custom-built stands you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

12 Invaluable Exhibition Tips and Tricks Geared for Success


Follow these exhibition secrets for a guaranteed successful show and skyrocket the return on your investment.

Are you too afraid to take the leap and invest in an exhibition? Well, here are 12 exhibition tips and tricks that will help ensure that your event is a success. As a company, attending an exhibition is a great way to market your business to prospective clients, with some planning and the right resources it can be greatly beneficial in the short and long term for your company.


1. Research the event

It is very important that you choose to attend the right exhibition event for your company. You should therefore look at, who’s coming to the exhibition? Are they your competitors? Do their target audience or product/service complement yours? Once you know that, it will help you decide on the perfect venue.

2. Have specific goals

Preparation before the event is key to maximise your opportunities, have a goal in mind and a strategy in place on how to achieve that goal. By having an objective your team will have a focus which in return will make your exhibition a lot more productive.

3. Advertise

Use digital platforms to promote your presence at the event i.e. social media, e-newsletters and PR in addition to other traditional forms of marketing materials i.e. radio and newspaper advertisements. It is imperative that you make sure people know about your stand at the exhibition event so they make a point of visiting you. To make your stand more lucrative you may also decide to create a special offer such as “first 20 visitors get a free gift bag”. Everyone loves free gifts.

4. Invite people

By inviting people to the exhibition, such as your existing customers and potential prospects, you will have guaranteed visitors at your stand. You can send out personal invitations, send e-mails; however make sure you always ‘bcc’ your contacts so that they are not visible to everyone, it will feel more personal to the recipient.

5. Create a high impact stand

Your stand is the first thing potential clients will judge. Entice prospective clients but having an inspiring, memorable and inviting stand. If necessary use technology to enhance your stand, although your focus should be on quality not quantity when it comes to your stand.

6. Train your staff

As a visitor, a stand can sometimes be intimidating; therefore it is important that you staff are friendly, well presented and inviting. They should also be knowledgeable regarding the products or services on offer so they can then relay that information onto your potential customers as well as answer any of their queries.

7. Plan for following up leads

Follow-ups are very important because they sustain the rapport between the company and the visitor. After the event a plan should be created for following up leads. A way to do this, would be by categorising your leads by priority, this way you are able to contacts the most promising ones first (as they will be the ones most likely to convert to sales).

8. Look welcoming

Prospective clients will be more inclined to visit your stand if you look enthusiastic and willing to talk to them, but not too eager. Talking, texting, eating amongst staff or simply negative body language can say a lot about a person and deter visitors who could have been potential clients.

9. Have a prepared enquiry form

If you have a prepared form, you’ll be half way to organising any notes you take from your discussions. It will also keep you focused so you ask the right questions.

10. Listen to your clients’ needs

At an exhibition it’s more important to listen than to talk. By listening to your clients you will be able to tailor your solutions to meet their specific needs, therefore having a more satisfied customer that feels valued.

11. Give clients the benefits

When presenting your product/service, customers do not want to know the specific intricate details. They want to know what your product is and how it can benefit them. In reference to the previous point by listening to customers needs you can also tailor the product to that specific customer to help boost leads/sales.

12. Follow up leads

Don’t neglect to contact the leads after the event. This is the most important part of the exhibition to convert those initial discussions into sales. You can secure the benefits by planning to do so for at least a year. In the long term you will get a much more profitable outcome from your contacts by doing so.

The long and short of it

If you carry out these 12 exhibition tips and tricks you’ll be well on the way to making an impact and getting the best return on your investment. As with life, you will get out what you put in – give it everything, apply enthusiasm and you’ll hit the ground running!

In these tough economical times, we understand that many business have resorted to stricter budgets, if that’s the case for your business then why not read our article on How to Create an Exhibition Stand Budget

If you are looking for the perfect exhibition stand then your are at the right place, if your still unsure then why not read through our Client Testimonials or decide for yourself by looking through Our Work .

Essential Guide to Choosing the Perfect Exhibition Venue


Are you looking to step ahead of the competition

Make your mark on the industry and move your business to the next level? They say first impressions are everything, right? This is why your choice of venue is fundamental, when organising an exhibition and subsequently leaving a lasting impression on your prospective clients. The same clients who will be more likely to spend money with a company they can develop a rapport with. By organising an exhibition you can create the perfect platform in order to establish that rapport directly with your existing and future clientele.

What is an Exhibition?

Exhibitions are a unique form of marketing. If executed correctly, they can be tremendously valuable as they offer the opportunity to meet prospective clients and network with other businesses.

Different Types of Exhibition

There are two types of exhibitions: trade and consumer. Trade exhibitions are suitable for businesses with a niche market, while consumer exhibitions are better suited for businesses with a mass market. However, with trade exhibitions only people directly involved in the field are invited. While with consumer exhibitions you will find a range of products on display for the public.

Steps Towards Choosing The Perfect Exhibition Venue


Firstly, when considering a venue, it is important to determine the amount of guests that can attend and how that corresponds with your predicted turnout. A space too small may be feel crowded and one too spacious might feel empty.


The location of your venue should be accessible to your guests. Therefore have good transport links, parking and nearby accommodation if necessary.

Public spaces, such as art galleries, museums, sports grounds or palaces and castles, which are generally easily accessible, are unusual locations for an exhibition venue and therefore create a longer lasting impression.
The Chelsea Football Club home ground alone has space to accommodate 900 delegates.


Research must be conducted into the food traffic density as well as the demographics. Different venues will attract different people of varied ages and interests; therefore it is important to choose a venue that corresponds with your target audience.


Many bespoke stands need trained staff to install them at the venue and then dismantle them once the event has finished. Pop up displays are easy to put together and disassemble, often requiring only one person to set them up and take them down. There is no need for specialist staff or tools so construction is quick and simple.

Top 5 Venues in the UK

In the UK alone there are an endless variety of venues to choose from, here are the top 5 according to Bizzabo.

5. Woburn Centre Parcs

In fifth place is Woburn Centre Parcs, Bedfordshire. All of the Centre Parcs offer conference facilities but the Woburn facility is the most modern and up to date after a recent multi million pound redevelopment. It is just over a year old but already a finalist for the 2015 Best Conference Venue. Their venue allows room for 400 delegates, moreover new and exclusively to Woburn Forest you will find The Shearing House, a modern and casual British gastropub offering classics with a contemporary twist.

4. The Computer Laboratory

In fourth place is, The Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. This world famous venue, which is merely a 15-minute drive from the station, is home to the world’s first taught Diploma in Computer Science, which ran between 1953-2008. It is the ideal location for technology or innovation exhibitions especially with Cambridge University being a respected academic institution where many fundamental advances have been made.

3. The Eden Project

In third place is The Eden Project, Cornwall. It is the world’s largest rainforest captivity, recognised by the British Travel Awards as the Best UK Travel Attraction for 4 consecutive years (2011-2014) it is an extraordinary complex, which simulates tropical destinations with plants collected all around the world. All funds spent with this charity, go into furthering their local and international projects. Plus, their Biomes, which change according to the seasons, serve as a beautiful backdrop for any exhibition.

2.Glasgow Conference Centre

In second place is the Glasgow Conference Centre, Scotland. The Clyde Auditorium also referred to as The Armadillo by the locals, is an iconic building created by Foster and Partners, world-renowned, award-winning architects. They offer a wide range of spaces for an exhibition venue, able to accommodate 624 delegates along with a four-star hotel all under one roof. The building has held the Scottish Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor auditions among serving as the venue for the weightlifting competitions of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

1. Lords Cricket Ground

Finally, in first place Lords Cricket Ground, London. This prestigious cricket venue located at the heart of the capital, is the home of cricket with the earliest known match dating back to 1814. This spectacular, unrivalled venue is a unique choice for any event with enough space to accommodate up to 1000 delegates. They have a range of elegant spaces with a combination of traditional and modern spaces.

In conclusion…

There are a whole host of special venues that align perfectly with your brand and will make it stand out amongst the noise. Make sure that you choose a location that will resonate with your target audience, somewhere that will reinforce your brand and allow your company and its services/products to stand out, be noticed and become memorable…do something special that will get visitors talking and create a buzz.

You will definitely want to make come up with Exhibition ideas that engage and find ways to make the most powerful form of marketing – ‘Word of Mouth’ – by getting your audience to work for you, something that Brave Creative go further into here

And when it’s all said and done, there are some vital steps to take when the event is over to ensure that your exhibition efforts are not wasted and capitalised on.

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