April 2016 - Hytner

Twitter Do’s and Don’ts at Trade Show


Trade Shows and Exhibitions build customer relationships, allow you to meet new and potential customers and give your company a real face that customers can relate to. To support your at-show appearance social media is a must.

What there isn’t a lack of is social networking sites, but when it comes to at-show engagement Twitter takes the crown. It’s a zero cost way to make your Exhibition or Trade show a resounding success. It can be a tricky marketing medium to crack so here’s a list of some do’s and dont’s to help you maximise your efforts.


Use Photos, Videos, Hashtags & Links

An image is sometimes worth a thousand words and that’s why, photos, videos and links are great for fueling engagement on Twitter. Douglas Mason, Twitter’s data scientist, analysed millions of tweets sent by different users and the results were impressive.

Infographic Twitter Statistics engagement

Most shows will have their official hashtag and you should use it liberally so that their tweets and yours are connected to a larger audience. Your competitors will most likely be using the same hashtag so this provides an opportunity to become visible to a larger audience and let them know all about your business.

Keep in mind that photos, videos or links will eat up around 20 of your 140 characters, so, come up with a short, catchy and interesting caption that supports your content.

Interact With Followers

Do interact with your followers by conversing with them, liking, or retweeting them. You can use hashtags to target a particular crowd.

Personalised interactions will make your followers feel more comfortable to interact with you. Ask questions, share stories or insider news, contribute to discussions and you will see your followers increase. But, do remember, social media engagement with a small few is far more effective than having thousands of inactive followers.

Also don’t neglect to tweet on the weekends, they are just as important as the weekdays.

Consider Periscope and Meerkat

Live streaming apps such as Periscope or Meerkat allow brands to share videos in real-time, at the same time allowing viewers to comment, like and share videos. The main difference between the two is that Periscope, owned by Twitter, allows you to re-watch videos 24 hours after the initial broadcast – a feature not offered by Meerkat – it also provides you with analytics on how the video performed (viewers, average duration etc.)

At a Trade show or Exhibition, this is a great way to offer a real life experience of your stand to the followers who weren’t able to attend but are interested in your brand.

Schedule tweets in advance

Schedule content that you know won’t change no matter what happens in real-time. A Tradeshow can be frantic so it’s necessary to plan time-sensitive tweets and your staff may not find the time to be able to do so during the show.

There’s a range of online tools you can to do so such as Buffer, HootSuite or TweetDeck (there are others, but, these are our top three). Of course, choose one the right solution for your brand and company.


Set it and forget it

If you do schedule tweets, double check that the tweets are still accurate and relevant against real-time. You’ll be avoiding a huge social media nightmare, especially if you’re promoting a limited time offer promotion for example.

Ignore potential customers

Customer service is much more important than publishing content, therefore, you must not neglect or miss out on the opportunity to engage with your audience and answer any queries they may have. A potential customer walking by your stand will not be impressed if you’re stood looking down at your phone – regardless of what you’re Tweeting.

Link to photos or videos posted on other platforms

With Twitter, it’s best practise to make sure that photos, videos etc are posted directly to Twitter itself so that a preview of the image will appear in the user’s feeds.

Any content, such as images or videos that require the user to click on a link to view on another page will put them off.

6 Apps Perfect For Your Trade Show Needs


Nowadays, we can genuinely say that ‘There’s an app for everything’. Including apps that can make your trade show planning more productive and effective and your life ten times easier when it comes to planning your trade show, coordinating with your team, capturing leads and driving sales.

So, here are 6 apps that you will find perfect for your trade show needs.

Intelligent LeadsintelligentLeads

Intelligent Leads, by Alliance Tech, is an app that allows you to capture leads at various trade shows using this one consistent solution. You can collect the information from multiple types of badges or by a manual entry which is then uploaded into Alliance Tech’s cloud – as it’s entered or post show, depending on your internet connection.

This easy-to-use lead retrieval app permits you to:

  • Increase the quality of your leads
  • Implement a custom lead qualification survey
  • Determine your most valuable events
  • Acquire new customers

It operates on tablets and handled devices and with each device it has the capability of displaying – in real time – analytics using a report portal and a dashboard that factors metrics throughout the event.

This app allows staffers to display videos, digital brochures, interactive products, presentations, press releases and other marketing materials on the same device.  They can then send those files to interested prospects which serve as an easy, instantaneous follow-up to your face-to-face efforts.

ShowGo Mobile 

This trade show management software by Seattle Software showgoCorporation is the ultimate app you need to conveniently centralise and manage everything from hotel arrangements to inventory, staffing, shipping/installation/dismantling.

All of that information can then be circulated to your staff via the app which is available on both iOS and Android. Making it easy and convenient to instantaneously update everyone on any changes without having to make a single phone call.

Pixe Snap pixesocial

Exhibition photo booths are great traffic builders, we can’t deny that, but actually executing one can be extremely time-consuming. The Pixe app lets exhibitors easily incorporate a photo station where both attendees and staffers can join in on the fun and take selfies that can easily be shared via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all via the app.

Pixe Snap will brand each photo with the company’s logo, event name and dates, hashtags or other marketing messages. It’s compatible with the latest versions of iOS and Android operating systems

QuickTapSurvey QuickTapSurvey

Create custom surveys for any purpose from market research to lead capture and customer feedback and just as the name suggests, it can all be done relatively quickly. The app is fully functional even without an internet connection making it a viable option if your location has spotty Wi-Fi.

It can be set to rank responses – assigning a weighted score to each answer – and it has also been designed with a skip logic (where it asks certain questions based on answers already given).


A real-time, cloud-based, lead capturing solution provided to you by PRM Connect. Designed for trade shows and conferences, Leadature is able to capture leads (with or without an internet connection), qualify those leads, send literature to customers with personalised messages via email, as well as integrating with excel and a variety of CRM platforms.

The app has two different versions available – Express and Prime. Express is a quick-start system with a wizard interface that gets users up and running quickly, Prime is the full-service version of the app with a completely customisable suite of features and hands-on support.

3D Product App 3d-product-kaon

Maximise the space on your stand by replacing, big, bulky or heavy products with interactive 3D renderings that can be downloaded to iOS, Android and Window devices. With this app, you’ll need to ship fewer product samples to the trade show and allow clients to explore your products virtually.

Since the files are preloaded into a device using the app, there is no lag time in the presentation and the ultra portability of smartphones, tablets and other devices means that stand staffers can maximise sales opportunities.