August 2016 - Hytner

How To Make A Big Impact At Exhibitions


Are you a business looking to make a big impression in its industry? Are you looking for networking prospects or to make a splash on a local, national or even international scale? Then getting involved in exhibitions and/or trade shows is the strategic move you need to make, to create those opportunities for your business.

Making a successful move into this competitive territory, will not only improve your business’ visibility and credibility at the heart of the business community, but also with your customers. At the event you’ll have the opportunity to meet prospective clients and customers, catch up with existing partners – all which are key to transforming your brand into an established name.

In order to achieve this you need to make a big impact, and as the title suggests we’re going to show how to do just that…

Maximise the potential of your event set-up…

The first step is having the right set up, here at Hytner we offer everything from Custom Built Stands to Schell Scheme interiors, look for yourself on our Services page.

Your set-up is what will attract footfall and attention, thus, the right one is what you need in order to make your next event a success.

And for the big impact…

  • Set clear objectives that you want to achieve at the event; but do not disregard those who don’t necessarily meet those objectives
  • Follow up on all exhibition interactions;
  • Utilise your social media presence to make your customers and prospective clients aware of your attendance. We have a special blog post dedicated to integrating social media into your trade show, click here to read more.
  • Where you exhibit is important, choose a venue that will position your business in the best light – preferably somewhere next to an entrance or well-known brands.
  • Scope out the competition, make notes on their service and how they interact with passers-by, this invaluable research will help you stay ahead of the game if you can improve on their methods.
  • Exhibitions are an investment, make sure you a big enough budget that you can use for the show. You don’t want to run out of brochures in the first hour, for example!

Ways to Integrate Social Media into your Tradeshow


Social media integration into an upcoming exhibition, event or trade show can be an excellent way to enhance or to grow your company’s presence There are plenty of ways that this can be achieved and not only can they increase your company’s exposure, but they are also likely to lead to bigger and better sales.

Pre-Show Tips

  • If at the event you are promoting a new or existing product or service that you want more people to know about. Social media can help you create an initial buzz before the actual event and be used to entice customers to visit your stand. You could create a short video or trailer that shows the product or service in its best light or you can try keep everything subliminal to create a sense of mystery and intrigue.
  • Creating a landing page is an excellent way to promote your involvement in an event without spending too much money. Visitors will see this new page, and if done correctly it should have a clear and concise message, an absence of a navigation bar so that it is the centre of attention and finally a relevant call to action.
  • Most shows or events will have their own official hashtag related to that exhibitors can use to promote their presence and attendees can use to share with their followers. These are very powerful for many reasons; you can monitor the hashtag and spot any trends between other exhibitors and attendees and use them to your advantage.

During The Show Tips

  • Things can get pretty hectic at the event, so scheduling tweets and various other posts ahead of time can be a brilliant way to keep a steady flow of content going out on social media whilst you are busy manning the stand. What you choose to schedule is completely up to you but we recommend you stick to more generic posts that won’t cause any confusion in the case that there’s a change of plan along the way.
  • Don’t neglect those who couldn’t make it to the event. Capitalise on them by engaging with them online, sharing images is a great way to show people what is happening at the event and to make them feel like they are right there with you at the event. You will gain higher regard by keeping an active social media before, during and after the event.
  • Prizes or giveaways are perfect opportunities to build and integrate social media into your stand. You can hold special competitions online announce the winner at the event and have the winner come to the stand to collect their prize. Not only will this generate a lot of buzz and interest, if the prize is worthwhile, but combine that with using everything mentioned so far, the hashtag, social scheduling etc you can generate a lot of exposure and visits to your stand.

Post Show Tips

  • One of the best things to do following an event is to go through all the leads you have generated and/or the business cards and look them up on the social media platform of your choice, i.e. Twitter or Facebook. If you feel they are worthwhile connect and engage with them on social media to maintain the relationship you’ve already established with them at the show.
  • Chances are that people will have questions after the event. It is essential that you follow up on any  questions that you get on social media it will build your brand and create loyal fans and customers.
  • Write a blog post about the event; you could include any key points that you did and did not cover, also answering any questions that people may have had about the event.