September 2016 - Hytner

5 Ways To Innovate At Your Next Tradeshow


Events are increasingly becoming more and more tech-savvy, because technology is constantly innovating  in its uses and in the advantages that it offers to users. The industry is ever changing, with trends shifting year on year and rival companies continuously battling it out to meet the ever growing demands of customers. Unfortunately, for companies who do not innovate or move forwards with technology, get left behind and as a result often fail. So to move ahead businesses need to innovate, change and be unique. So, here are 5 ways that you can keep up with the crowd at your next show.

Personalise Marketing

To simply put it, marketing at trade shows is one of the most important factors in determining whether you have a successful or unsuccessful show. Most businesses have a flat faced marketing strategy,  not fully taking into account the actual audience. This is a problem that is often overlooked, however, when you focus on making your marketing more relevant and personal can go a long way to guaranteeing success.  

It’s the simple things like adding names and personalising the content to something relevant to the occasion that  humanises the brand, meaning that the reader feels like they are being written to personally rather than being caught up in a large marketing campaign. This can be done before, during and after tradeshow events. For example, have individual resources that you can hand out to show that you’re not just spamming people with generic content.

Be Digitally Responsive

Depending on what digital marketing material you’re using, making it responsive is a must. In particular email content and websites. If you send out content that can only be viewed on a desktop, then you’ve already failed.

With the range of technology available today, all digital material sent out to visitors needs to be responsive. So that all your content can be viewed correctly on all devices with different screen sizes.

Group By Visitors Not Demographics

The most common and widely used way of finding out who coming to your event is by segmenting visitors by demographics age and location etc. However, one key factor that gets left out by demographic targeting is the human factor. Targeting by demographical data eliminates the person’s personality or interests. Therefore, instead of looking at the demographics of their visitors, you should be looking at their motives to better determine why they might want to visit in the first place. With this data, you can target people based on what really matters rather than the endless demographic data that doesn’t tell you anything about the real person.

Make Your Data Simpler

There is so much data can be collected from a trade show or event. For the most part, this data would be put into a boring spreadsheet, that you will have to eventually comb through with a fine tooth comb to make sense of it all. Instead you have two alternatives, firstly, you can utilise someone who specialises in data collection and analysis, or you could use software that makes sense of the data you are submitting and in most cases presents it in nice visual formats, making it easier to digest. Both of these two options can be relatively cheap and will allow you to make much more sense of what actually happens at your events.

Find Brand Ambassadors

One of the most efficient ways to attract more people to your event, if to have someone as the face of it all. . But not just anyone, when people see someone that they recognise, trust or class as an influencer they will immediately pay more attention to whatever the event is.

The social power  an influencer has over their followers can be invaluable when it comes to gathering a crowd at your event.  All they have to do is something as simple as share the event on their social media for you will quickly see the benefits.

How Snapchat Can Be Used At Your Next Event


The slow adoption of Snapchat has, in a way, put it under the radar as a serious contender for use in the professional world.

The disappearing photo’s and stereotypical teen use is something that sticks with Snapchat to this day. For those who held this view it is a missed opportunity and unfortunately for many it has been an app that they have never experienced at its full potential.

The fun stats and facts

The numbers though, are phenomenal with over 100 million active users and up to 7 billion pieces of video being viewed every day far surpassing twitter in its demographics. This means that almost unannounced to many, Snapchat has fast become a social media ninja, throwing up huge statistics without many businesses really paying attention.

Snapchat works with its simplicity, you simply record 10-second videos that can be shared with anyone following you, You can also update throughout the day creating a story, a loop of all of your videos from the day in order.

One of the first things that made it stand out is its demographics, it’s thought that up to 45% of Snapchat’s users are under the age of 25. This did not go completely unnoticed as some smart business began to see the potential. Snapchat began to provide top content, effectively enabling publishers to be incorporated into the app to gain extra exposure. Businesses such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed and Comedy Central became some of the bigger organisations featured on top content features.

How can Snapchat benefit your event?

One of the key benefits of this feature for businesses is that there is no complicated navigation obscuring the video, instead it plays in a continuous form allowing for distraction free viewing of the company’s valuable video content. Because of this format, it lessens the chance of someone navigating away from the content before it has finished and therefore lessens the chance that your content won’t be absorbed.

One key area that we need to talk about, is how it is a benefit when it comes specifically to events. One surprising figure that might sum that up is that only 3% of organisations are using Snapchat as a source to promote events that they are going to, this means that there is a perfect area for companies to communicate to a new audience, free from much competition.

Snapchat seems to be the perfect fit…

For occasions such as big events or tradeshows, the sponsored filter feature means that you can directly advertise the event in your snaps without even mentioning it in the video. They mostly come in the form of overlays that people can also apply to their snaps whilst they are at the events. Creating in a sense a small video community for that event all the while with people across the world being able to view it.

When you actually look at using it for  events there are endless possibilities, you could run  pre-show campaign for example using a competition and apply filters for the competition to get people talking about the event before it has even happened. You could of course also run a campaign during the event and post inviting people to interact with the app using your filters.
In closing, one of the most important things that you need to know about using Snapchat is there is no wrong or right business that should use it, no matter what industry you are in there are potential benefits to gain from incorporating Snapchat into your social media strategy.