November 2016 - Hytner

Use Your Current Event to Build Attendance for Your Next Event


For the attendees of your event there’s always going to be the buzz of the show that they are attending. Concentrating on the experience that they have whilst at the show is paramount to ensuring that your show is a success. However, let’s look at optimising for the long term… Getting people to come back to your next event and subsequent ones is one of the hardest things to do in the industry.

Were going to take a look at a few sure fire techniques to guarantee long term retention of the visitors attending your current event.

Offer an incentive

No one is going to register to your company and its upcoming event if there’s absolutely nothing to benefit them. Using registration incentives is a perfect way to get a much stronger commitment to your event operation and your business in general. This doesn’t have to be purely financial e.g. Giving access to people who register early or exclusive news updates.

Making them feel like they have achieved value out of their time and interest will result in more willingness to  get involved and as a result feel like they have more of a connection with your business. To further optimise this technique try to incorporate social media into this, you could for example offer referrals or referral bonuses.

Registration opportunities

Making it easier for people to actually register is essential to ensuring that any registration efforts are successful. Making it as easy and unintrusive for people to register as possible is an extremely effective way of turning your current visitors into long term customers or attendees of your shows.

Low cost solutions such as contact forms and business card collections is one tried and tested technique. However, if you want to take things one step further  try introducing some modern technology and using social media can be a good way of getting people connected to your business.

You could even try more out there methods such as introducing QR codes combined with a registration landing page.

Let people know

Paying all of your attention to the event you are at now is partly the right way to go about things, it’s also worth slowly introducing people to the idea of your next show or event without taking away any of the effort you’re putting into the current event.

Using social media can be a brilliant way of doing this, actively engaging with people that are at your current event allows you to put out a messages letting them know which event you’ll be at next.To incorporate it into your stand design you could have signage on display relating to the next event, giving relevant information. Whatever you decide to do, ensure you have a clear procedure as to how registering for your next event works. Its essential that you make the process simple and keep the signage concise and accurate.

There we have it! a few good action points to consider and implement within your next event to safeguard and guarantee the prosperity of your future events and hopefully start retaining some of those people that visit your stand.

How to Create a Big Bang With a Small Booth


When it comes to tradeshows and events, size isn’t always the deciding factor. It’s easy to get caught up on the idea that you need to have the biggest display, or the most floor coverage in order to make the biggest impact on people coming past. Although having a giant booth doesn’t not always necessarily more intriguing you’d be surprised how big of an impact you can still make with a  smaller booth.


Lighting is an extremely important factor when it comes to making your booth look enticing and interesting. As a small booth, if you have little to no proper lighting you will find yourself slowly falling into the shadows.

However, there are so many ways that you can incorporate lighting to make your stand pop. Accent lighting is one of them, by having it placed strategically on the stand is a brilliant way to make it pop out from every corner, and will go a long way ensuring the whole booth is nicely lit up so passersby can not only see both the booth but their eyes will also be naturally guided towards important signs or the products you have on display.

Create unique and stunning displays

Depending on the type event you’re attending, chances are that most of the booths will either be the same or very similar, making it extremely difficult to set yourself apart from other stands. And if you have a smaller booth, standing out from the bigger ones will be that much harder. In this scenario, the best solution is to invest in some amazing displays to make the stand pop.

One way you can remain unique and differentiate yourself from your neighbours, is by focusing on aesthetics and how visually appealing your stand is to visitors walking by. By incorporating the perfect balance of video, images, and display/banners.

As a smaller stand you need to be strategic because you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with too much flashing lights, video and text in a small contained space – the key is to keep them focused on the product or service you’re offering. Not only does this portray your brand as forward thinking and technology savvy – which is a key thing in today’s digital era.

Draw People In

It’s easy for small booths to get drowned down and out by their larger neighbouring competitors, with their big budgets, giveaways, and special offers. They often have more to offer and a much wider base to appeal to. However, don’t let that put you off, a small booth giveaway can be just as effective if you can offer the right prize and you have the attention of the right people at the show.

Think about this, what is the situation of the prize winner? They are at the show which is most likely not in their home town, therefore after the show, they will have to do some traveling to get home. Taking that it account it would be perfect to have something they can take away from the show, something that wouldn’t intervene with the traveling that they will have to take after the show.

If you’re lucky enough to have a stand near one of these big competitors and all else fails, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the traffic already flowing to their stand. Use your small homey stand to your advantage, because as a brand, nothing beats small relatable brand with a great product or service to offer.