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Why Your Trade Show Stand Should be Themed


Why should your trade show stand be themed? It is a question you might be asking yourself after reading the title of this post or have asked yourself in the past. For many business owners who set up a trade show exhibition it is a hard decision, do they put the money into a themed and aesthetically pleasing stand? Alternatively, do they play it safe, keep their costs under control and stick with a standard exhibition theme. However, according to Meetings And Conventions magazine, 46% of professional event planners agree that having a theme considerably improves the success of an event. With that data in mind let’s take a look at some of the reasons a theme can do wonders for your overall exhibition success.

Tie the theme to your brand

It is important to remember that brand recognition is what’s going to attract, convert and retain exhibition visitors with your business. You should consider ways to incorporate brand logos and slogans into the design and layout of the theme. You also need to make sure that the visitor t is going to have a memorable experience, you can do this by offering your guests something that is truly unique, something that is more likely to get people to visit your stand while ensuring they remember your brand.

For example allow visitors to take pictures with your new product that clearly has your company’s branding on it. When they share the photo, it will have your branding on display generating more recognition every time a visitor shares a photo. Alternatively, if you like the idea of incorporating modern technology you could apply a custom Snapchat filter for people to use featuring your theme and business logo.

Have you used these methods in the past? Alternatively, are you now thinking about incorporating this into your future exhibition strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

Display your products like art

It might seem like an unusual thing for most business to do. However, it can be surprisingly useful for such a simple task. To use this method you could simply have new products on display, on your walls or their display stands. With simple lighting and minimal surrounding objects, this is an easy option that ensures your products get the maximum exposure with little fuss. Moreover, for those who are on a budget, it is also readily achievable.

Making Something Unique

One of the easiest ways to make your stand unique is to theme it. Staying away from generic layouts and styles is a very effective way to ensuring your stand is visible amongst the crowd and is eye catching enough to bring people in who get a glimpse of the stand. Unique is, however, quite broad, in essence, look at what your competitors and similar stands tend to do and do the opposite. Whether that be as simple as changing colours or restructuring the whole stand structure, the key here is to make your stand something no one else has seen before.

When you think about it, for any of the small businesses that are just getting started it is essential that people have a reason to come to your stand over the big companies, that let’s not forget also occupy more space as well as existing support and people that want to visit their business.

So there it is, that is some quick and straightforward tips for you to use when branding your exhibition stand. From using clear cut branding to using the modern technology we have given you some starter strategies to step up your exhibition game immediately. If you found any of these tips helpful and are contemplating using them in your strategy, then let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your feedback.

5 Must See Art Exhibitions of 2017


As we enter this bright new year, we look forward to not only creating some great exhibitions for trade shows but also attending some art exhibitions, and if you’re an art enthusiast, this year you won’t be disappointed with what’s in the pipeline. But why visit an art exhibition? Well they can be a great source of inspiration no matter what industry you’re in or simply a way to keep yourself busy on the weekends.

It all begins in February with…

David Hockney at Tate Britain

February 9th – May 29th

After a stunning his stunning exhibition of landscapes at the Royal Academy and the unique portraits last year. This year David Hockney goes to Tate Britain for one of the greatest retrospective exhibitions Tate Britain has ever planned for a living artists.

Richard Mosse at Barbican, Curve Gallery

February 15th – April 23rd

Mosse first made his name at the Venice Biennale in 2013, since then he’s taken the art world by storm. His brilliant pink hued film Enclave captured the hearts and minds of many and now he’s bringing that experience back to one of our favourite art spaces; the Curve at Barbican.

Eduardo Paolozzi at Whitechapel Gallery

February 16th – May 14th

Palozzi has London in the palm of his hands, from the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road to the Newton sculpture outside the British Library and the prone head outside Design Museum – one thing is certain he’s left his mark all over the capital. However, now you’ll be able to enjoy over 250 pieces spanning over five decades under one roof.

Michelangelo & Sebastiano at The National Gallery

March 15th – June 25th

What do you get when you combine one of the Renaissance’s true greats with another Old Master? A sensational exhibition where you’ll be able to explore the relationship between these two great artists, how they worked together and how it helped both artists develop their own styles.

Grayson Perry at Serpentine Gallery

June 8th – September 10th

One of the most astute commentators on contemporary society and culture, a ceramic artist turned author and now TV presenter – Perry has become a household name. So this will be his opportunity to remind us that he is still an artist first and foremost.

So there you have it, the top five exhibitions you cannot miss this year. Yes, at Hytner we love building and designing trade show exhibitions, but art exhibitions can be a great source of inspiration. There’s nothing quite like a good art exhibition to tingle our creative juices and help us stay on top of our game.