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Why Your Trade Show Stand Should be Themed


Why should your trade show stand be themed? It is a question you might be asking yourself after reading the title of this post or have asked yourself in the past. For many business owners who set up a trade show exhibition it is a hard decision, do they put the money into a themed and aesthetically pleasing stand? Alternatively, do they play it safe, keep their costs under control and stick with a standard exhibition theme. However, according to Meetings And Conventions magazine, 46% of professional event planners agree that having a theme considerably improves the success of an event. With that data in mind let’s take a look at some of the reasons a theme can do wonders for your overall exhibition success.

Tie the theme to your brand

It is important to remember that brand recognition is what’s going to attract, convert and retain exhibition visitors with your business. You should consider ways to incorporate brand logos and slogans into the design and layout of the theme. You also need to make sure that the visitor t is going to have a memorable experience, you can do this by offering your guests something that is truly unique, something that is more likely to get people to visit your stand while ensuring they remember your brand.

For example allow visitors to take pictures with your new product that clearly has your company’s branding on it. When they share the photo, it will have your branding on display generating more recognition every time a visitor shares a photo. Alternatively, if you like the idea of incorporating modern technology you could apply a custom Snapchat filter for people to use featuring your theme and business logo.

Have you used these methods in the past? Alternatively, are you now thinking about incorporating this into your future exhibition strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

Display your products like art

It might seem like an unusual thing for most business to do. However, it can be surprisingly useful for such a simple task. To use this method you could simply have new products on display, on your walls or their display stands. With simple lighting and minimal surrounding objects, this is an easy option that ensures your products get the maximum exposure with little fuss. Moreover, for those who are on a budget, it is also readily achievable.

Making Something Unique

One of the easiest ways to make your stand unique is to theme it. Staying away from generic layouts and styles is a very effective way to ensuring your stand is visible amongst the crowd and is eye catching enough to bring people in who get a glimpse of the stand. Unique is, however, quite broad, in essence, look at what your competitors and similar stands tend to do and do the opposite. Whether that be as simple as changing colours or restructuring the whole stand structure, the key here is to make your stand something no one else has seen before.

When you think about it, for any of the small businesses that are just getting started it is essential that people have a reason to come to your stand over the big companies, that let’s not forget also occupy more space as well as existing support and people that want to visit their business.

So there it is, that is some quick and straightforward tips for you to use when branding your exhibition stand. From using clear cut branding to using the modern technology we have given you some starter strategies to step up your exhibition game immediately. If you found any of these tips helpful and are contemplating using them in your strategy, then let us know in the comments, we would love to hear your feedback.

Use Your Competitors Tradeshow Stand To Your Advantage


Trade Shows can be busy, really busy. You often don’t get the time to take a minute out and look around at your fellow exhibitors. However, set some time aside, take a look at what your competitors are doing and particularly look out for the following points below.

These can be good identifiers of how a business is doing and show you how bigger business are developing allow you to to also implement new techniques yourself.

See new products they are launching

This is especially useful if you have any direct competitors, seeing what the trends are at each show can leave you in a much better position after the show. Having an insight into the current trading environment allows you to keep up with your competitors business.

For example if you see one of your best performing competitors taking on a new form of technology such as QR codes, it might also be time for you to implement similar technology within your business.

Lead Capture Methods

Are your competitors trying new lead capture techniques at the event? If so what are they doing? Have you implemented this yourself and if not should you? These are all questions you should be asking…

If you’ve identified a competitor that is using new lead capture techniques and they report a successful year, it may be time to try that technology yourself.


Your staff are one of the most crucial components of having a successful booth. They are the lifeline between your business and it’s message and potential customers or prospects..

Therefore keeping your staff well trained and informed, not to mention working efficiently is essential. One way to improve on this area is by looking at how your close competitors are using their staff and how they work around the stand. If people are engaged with a certain exhibition stand make sure your observe how their staff are acting and replicate this within your business, if pertinent to do so.


One crucial thing to look out for is giveaways within the business, or at the booth. Seeing what your competitors are giving away, what technology or methods they are using and what kind of reception they are getting. Giveaways can go really well, it is therefore a great resource to look at and replicate what your competitors are doing if it works for them.


How is your competitor laying out their event stand, where do they put their most important products? Do they ensure that people can easily access all parts of their stand?Noticing theses trends in stand placement and organisation is important for the development of your own stand. Taking on board what successful exhibitors are doing with their stands is one of the first steps at being successful yourself.

So there you have it, there are a collection of tips and pointers to look at for at your next tradeshow, it can be hard to take some time and put attention to somewhere other than your stand, however, putting aside a small amount of time to do just this, can provide you with much more value in the long term.

Tips For Using Push Notifications At Tradeshows


Push notifications are commonly used to remain engaged in communication with your attendees at an event. Engaging with customers, real time, at an event ensures that consumers experience the most out of your business at the event.  Here are some tips that will allow you to take advantage of push notifications and all the benefits they can bring to you.


Standard unscheduled push alerts will likely do nothing for your business, on the other hand well timed and effective push alerts can make all the difference for your business. One method that you can use to target specific people is to send messages at times when a certain show is on or when there is a particular event at your booth.

The above method will direct people accurately and allow you to gain full exposure to that part of your show. This will enhance their experience while at the same time making them feel like they have got more out of your show.

Another key benefit of scheduling is it saves time while you are at the show as you do not need to spend time managing and posting on social, leaving you more time to concentrate on  show tasks.

Using Deep Links

For the most part, small and quick push alerts are effective at engaging visitors at your event. However, this only utilises small actions such as directing people to your booth or giving people updates along the way.

On the other hand deep linking in your alerts allows you to get more out of each customer’s interaction, as well as offering extra information for the consumer.

For example adding exhibition sponsors links, or when sending out an update including an article or blog post to go along with it, to provide that extra reading or funnelling for the customer.

Considering User Experience

Believe it or not, push alerts do need to be thought out. Planned and calculated notifications are much more likely to resonate with and be used by your attendees.

It is easy for you as a business to schedule notification upon notification thinking you are helpful to the participants. However, the likelihood is that if these messages are not responsive to the environment at the tradeshow, then they are going to be ignored at best, if not lower the expectation visitors have of your business.

An example of a well timed and effective push notification would be advising people on a special offer at your booth, or by chance, if there were complaints about wifi connectivity at the event, informing people you have connectivity hotspots.

For one these are much more likely to be received and acted upon by the attendees and secondly it is going to give a better impression of your business and therefore sets you up in the perfect position to leverage this trust and support.

Using Sponsors

It is important to remember that you are not the only one at the tradeshow, sending push alerts relating to other entities at the event such as personal or event sponsors can even be a way to make an extra source of revenue from the event.

Building brand recognition and respect from some of the big sponsors at events and tradeshows can bring a whole host of benefits to your business, being recognised by some of the greatest players in the field is ultimately a huge step towards trade show success.

Use Your Current Event to Build Attendance for Your Next Event


For the attendees of your event there’s always going to be the buzz of the show that they are attending. Concentrating on the experience that they have whilst at the show is paramount to ensuring that your show is a success. However, let’s look at optimising for the long term… Getting people to come back to your next event and subsequent ones is one of the hardest things to do in the industry.

Were going to take a look at a few sure fire techniques to guarantee long term retention of the visitors attending your current event.

Offer an incentive

No one is going to register to your company and its upcoming event if there’s absolutely nothing to benefit them. Using registration incentives is a perfect way to get a much stronger commitment to your event operation and your business in general. This doesn’t have to be purely financial e.g. Giving access to people who register early or exclusive news updates.

Making them feel like they have achieved value out of their time and interest will result in more willingness to  get involved and as a result feel like they have more of a connection with your business. To further optimise this technique try to incorporate social media into this, you could for example offer referrals or referral bonuses.

Registration opportunities

Making it easier for people to actually register is essential to ensuring that any registration efforts are successful. Making it as easy and unintrusive for people to register as possible is an extremely effective way of turning your current visitors into long term customers or attendees of your shows.

Low cost solutions such as contact forms and business card collections is one tried and tested technique. However, if you want to take things one step further  try introducing some modern technology and using social media can be a good way of getting people connected to your business.

You could even try more out there methods such as introducing QR codes combined with a registration landing page.

Let people know

Paying all of your attention to the event you are at now is partly the right way to go about things, it’s also worth slowly introducing people to the idea of your next show or event without taking away any of the effort you’re putting into the current event.

Using social media can be a brilliant way of doing this, actively engaging with people that are at your current event allows you to put out a messages letting them know which event you’ll be at next.To incorporate it into your stand design you could have signage on display relating to the next event, giving relevant information. Whatever you decide to do, ensure you have a clear procedure as to how registering for your next event works. Its essential that you make the process simple and keep the signage concise and accurate.

There we have it! a few good action points to consider and implement within your next event to safeguard and guarantee the prosperity of your future events and hopefully start retaining some of those people that visit your stand.

How to Create a Big Bang With a Small Booth


When it comes to tradeshows and events, size isn’t always the deciding factor. It’s easy to get caught up on the idea that you need to have the biggest display, or the most floor coverage in order to make the biggest impact on people coming past. Although having a giant booth doesn’t not always necessarily more intriguing you’d be surprised how big of an impact you can still make with a  smaller booth.


Lighting is an extremely important factor when it comes to making your booth look enticing and interesting. As a small booth, if you have little to no proper lighting you will find yourself slowly falling into the shadows.

However, there are so many ways that you can incorporate lighting to make your stand pop. Accent lighting is one of them, by having it placed strategically on the stand is a brilliant way to make it pop out from every corner, and will go a long way ensuring the whole booth is nicely lit up so passersby can not only see both the booth but their eyes will also be naturally guided towards important signs or the products you have on display.

Create unique and stunning displays

Depending on the type event you’re attending, chances are that most of the booths will either be the same or very similar, making it extremely difficult to set yourself apart from other stands. And if you have a smaller booth, standing out from the bigger ones will be that much harder. In this scenario, the best solution is to invest in some amazing displays to make the stand pop.

One way you can remain unique and differentiate yourself from your neighbours, is by focusing on aesthetics and how visually appealing your stand is to visitors walking by. By incorporating the perfect balance of video, images, and display/banners.

As a smaller stand you need to be strategic because you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with too much flashing lights, video and text in a small contained space – the key is to keep them focused on the product or service you’re offering. Not only does this portray your brand as forward thinking and technology savvy – which is a key thing in today’s digital era.

Draw People In

It’s easy for small booths to get drowned down and out by their larger neighbouring competitors, with their big budgets, giveaways, and special offers. They often have more to offer and a much wider base to appeal to. However, don’t let that put you off, a small booth giveaway can be just as effective if you can offer the right prize and you have the attention of the right people at the show.

Think about this, what is the situation of the prize winner? They are at the show which is most likely not in their home town, therefore after the show, they will have to do some traveling to get home. Taking that it account it would be perfect to have something they can take away from the show, something that wouldn’t intervene with the traveling that they will have to take after the show.

If you’re lucky enough to have a stand near one of these big competitors and all else fails, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the traffic already flowing to their stand. Use your small homey stand to your advantage, because as a brand, nothing beats small relatable brand with a great product or service to offer.

5 Trade Show Mistakes To Avoid


Not everyone is perfect, it can be hard at your first few events to get absolutely everything right, it takes a while to learn what works and what doesn’t for your business while at trade shows. However some mistakes are completely avoidable before you even turn up to the event, so here are five crucial things to avoid, so you don’t make costly mistakes.

Having A Cluttered Trade Show Design

It takes a relatively short amount of time to catch someone’s eye when you are at a tradeshow. Some say you have as little as 5 seconds to fully grab the attention of one of the attendees at any given event. From this 5 seconds, someone needs to see what your business is about, what you do, how you run your company and most importantly any information you want someone to see should be immediately visible within those 5 seconds. It’s true what they say:  first impressions do count!

Being creative with your design is crucial to ensuring that you stand out from the rest of the exhibitors and more importantly give people that urge to check your stand out and see what you are doing at the event. Some things to avoid are mismatching of colours, overload of text that can’t be read easily either because of the font choice or its position on your stand.

Focusing on quantity of leads

We all know that one of the main benefits of trade shows and events is to get leads and build relationships, however focusing on the number of these that you get rather than how helpful they are going to be to your business is a crucial mistake that many people make. Many act as though it is a race to talk to as many people as they can, rather than giving fewer people more attention and the time to talk to and build some real relationships that add value to your business.

Forgetting Social Media

This is one massive mistake that many make! It’s easy to turn up to an event and be completely engrossed with  the people actually at the event, effectively forgetting everyone that couldn’t make it in person.. For businesses that have an engaged audience this is a massive mistake, believe it or not, people will still discover your business while you are away, people will still want to engage with you, and without you posting anything this will all go to waste.

Ignoring Your Leads

This is a mistake that many have made in the past… You spend all of the time and money at events to ensure that you get all the data you need. Make sure you have people to follow up on and build vital connections. To completely ignore them following your event is a massive mistake! The best thing to do,with the leads that you gain after the event, is to send them a message or something personalised, this starts a conversation with them and shows them that the information they gave away is not just a waste of time.

Having Untrained Staff

At an event the people that showgoers will be interacting with is the people that are on your stand for the whole day, this means your staff are crucial to your success at a show. All of your team should know your product or services inside out; this ensures that they can answer confidently any questions that someone may have, guaranteeing to the attendee that you are the expert you claim to be..

If a competing company has staff that don’t do this, then you instantly have one up on them, people going away from the show will have a much better first impression of your business.

Additionally, there are a few things that employees may find themselves doing that is completely inappropriate for the trade show floor, some to look out for are; using their mobile phone, eating, ignoring attendees walking past, not wearing the appropriate clothing etc. Do all that you can to monitor these and put a stop or find a better alternative – for example shifts at lunch times to make sure someone is always available to speak.

Reboot Your Trade Show Giveaway Strategy


Tradeshow giveaways have become commonplace, they provide a brilliant opportunity to generate more interest in your company and gather more attendance at the show. However, many companies out there who have implemented a giveaway of their own have rarely considered upgrading, updating or even changing their process. So, here are some action points that will help you effectively reboot your trade show giveaway process and hopefully lead to much more success.

Choose relevant prizes

A key area that makes a giveaway successful for the business is having a prize that is relevant to the company doing the giveaway. It involves choosing a prize that represents your business, the environment you are in, the audience you appeal to and the quality that they expect from a prize. If your prize matches all of those components, then you have a winning formula for creating the perfect giveaway that people will be interested in, communicate with and find appealing.

In another sense, it shows the competition entries how you view your business and the customers that shop there, for example, if your in the car parts business, a relevant prize could be a set of alloy wheels, that shows that you care about the people and value those who follow your business by giving away a premium high-cost product. So, you can use it as a way to positively promote your business and create a strong brand impression, in that sense, it is brilliant marketing for your business.

Think about the attendees

This might seem like a fairly obvious point, however, it’s one that most companies forget. That means ensuring that your prize is appropriate, convenient and easy to transport out of the trade show. Most of the people attending the show will use some form of transportation and therefore you have to take into consideration how easy your prize is for them to take home. If it’s particularly heavy or very tall then it is likely that you have just given the person a burden rather than a prize. Alternatively, you could offer to have it delivered to their residence if it’s too much of a hassle for them.

That doesn’t just apply to the winner, you also need to ensure that it is feasible for you to get the prizes there, ensuring they have bulk storage options is one way to ensure that you can bring plenty of giveaway items without sacrificing much of your space.


Your budget is a crucial factor that will decide whether you make a good return on investment from a giveaway or if eventually comes back around to bite you. Finding the perfect balance between a relevant product and a reasonable price is essential, you can’t splash out on a flashy prize and suddenly expect the ROI to make up for the costs. The balance is absolutely crucial in this processes success, so ensure that the prize balances relevance and price. The best advice is to look around and take the time to consider your product and how you expect the visitors to your booth will react to it.

Boost Your Brand

Why hold a giveaway without any connection to your brand? As mentioned before holding a giveaway is the perfect marketing opportunity.our brand will be all but forgotten following your giveaway if you don’t give the people something to remember then you would have wasted a perfect opportunity to leave a lasting impression on many potential customers.. When looking at a product to giveaway, think about how it represents you, how the person will benefit from it or use it and most importantly give them something that makes them feel special, maybe add a degree of personalisation to make the prize one of a kind, and to make them remember you add some branding in there too. Using this procedure also allows people to get an impression of your business, usually results in people having a real attachment to your business long after your trade show or event.

Make an impact

When at a tradeshow it doesn’t always have to be about showing off or causing a giant scene, sometimes something as little as a business card holder can be a much better gift to attendees than a brash expensive prize. With smaller (and cheaper gifts) you can giveaway many more than one big prize to one individual, but it can also be personal, you could add a variety of designs for different industries. This would ensure that you keep your item relevant, customisable and easy for the winner to use whilst ensuring you can giveaway to a lot of people improving the overall impact of the giveaway.
So there it is, with these points in mind, you have the perfect start to rebooting and improving the giveaway strategy at your event.

5 Ways To Innovate At Your Next Tradeshow


Events are increasingly becoming more and more tech-savvy, because technology is constantly innovating  in its uses and in the advantages that it offers to users. The industry is ever changing, with trends shifting year on year and rival companies continuously battling it out to meet the ever growing demands of customers. Unfortunately, for companies who do not innovate or move forwards with technology, get left behind and as a result often fail. So to move ahead businesses need to innovate, change and be unique. So, here are 5 ways that you can keep up with the crowd at your next show.

Personalise Marketing

To simply put it, marketing at trade shows is one of the most important factors in determining whether you have a successful or unsuccessful show. Most businesses have a flat faced marketing strategy,  not fully taking into account the actual audience. This is a problem that is often overlooked, however, when you focus on making your marketing more relevant and personal can go a long way to guaranteeing success.  

It’s the simple things like adding names and personalising the content to something relevant to the occasion that  humanises the brand, meaning that the reader feels like they are being written to personally rather than being caught up in a large marketing campaign. This can be done before, during and after tradeshow events. For example, have individual resources that you can hand out to show that you’re not just spamming people with generic content.

Be Digitally Responsive

Depending on what digital marketing material you’re using, making it responsive is a must. In particular email content and websites. If you send out content that can only be viewed on a desktop, then you’ve already failed.

With the range of technology available today, all digital material sent out to visitors needs to be responsive. So that all your content can be viewed correctly on all devices with different screen sizes.

Group By Visitors Not Demographics

The most common and widely used way of finding out who coming to your event is by segmenting visitors by demographics i.e.by age and location etc. However, one key factor that gets left out by demographic targeting is the human factor. Targeting by demographical data eliminates the person’s personality or interests. Therefore, instead of looking at the demographics of their visitors, you should be looking at their motives to better determine why they might want to visit in the first place. With this data, you can target people based on what really matters rather than the endless demographic data that doesn’t tell you anything about the real person.

Make Your Data Simpler

There is so much data can be collected from a trade show or event. For the most part, this data would be put into a boring spreadsheet, that you will have to eventually comb through with a fine tooth comb to make sense of it all. Instead you have two alternatives, firstly, you can utilise someone who specialises in data collection and analysis, or you could use software that makes sense of the data you are submitting and in most cases presents it in nice visual formats, making it easier to digest. Both of these two options can be relatively cheap and will allow you to make much more sense of what actually happens at your events.

Find Brand Ambassadors

One of the most efficient ways to attract more people to your event, if to have someone as the face of it all. . But not just anyone, when people see someone that they recognise, trust or class as an influencer they will immediately pay more attention to whatever the event is.

The social power  an influencer has over their followers can be invaluable when it comes to gathering a crowd at your event.  All they have to do is something as simple as share the event on their social media for you will quickly see the benefits.

How Snapchat Can Be Used At Your Next Event


The slow adoption of Snapchat has, in a way, put it under the radar as a serious contender for use in the professional world.

The disappearing photo’s and stereotypical teen use is something that sticks with Snapchat to this day. For those who held this view it is a missed opportunity and unfortunately for many it has been an app that they have never experienced at its full potential.

The fun stats and facts

The numbers though, are phenomenal with over 100 million active users and up to 7 billion pieces of video being viewed every day far surpassing twitter in its demographics. This means that almost unannounced to many, Snapchat has fast become a social media ninja, throwing up huge statistics without many businesses really paying attention.

Snapchat works with its simplicity, you simply record 10-second videos that can be shared with anyone following you, You can also update throughout the day creating a story, a loop of all of your videos from the day in order.

One of the first things that made it stand out is its demographics, it’s thought that up to 45% of Snapchat’s users are under the age of 25. This did not go completely unnoticed as some smart business began to see the potential. Snapchat began to provide top content, effectively enabling publishers to be incorporated into the app to gain extra exposure. Businesses such as CNN, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed and Comedy Central became some of the bigger organisations featured on top content features.

How can Snapchat benefit your event?

One of the key benefits of this feature for businesses is that there is no complicated navigation obscuring the video, instead it plays in a continuous form allowing for distraction free viewing of the company’s valuable video content. Because of this format, it lessens the chance of someone navigating away from the content before it has finished and therefore lessens the chance that your content won’t be absorbed.

One key area that we need to talk about, is how it is a benefit when it comes specifically to events. One surprising figure that might sum that up is that only 3% of organisations are using Snapchat as a source to promote events that they are going to, this means that there is a perfect area for companies to communicate to a new audience, free from much competition.

Snapchat seems to be the perfect fit…

For occasions such as big events or tradeshows, the sponsored filter feature means that you can directly advertise the event in your snaps without even mentioning it in the video. They mostly come in the form of overlays that people can also apply to their snaps whilst they are at the events. Creating in a sense a small video community for that event all the while with people across the world being able to view it.

When you actually look at using it for  events there are endless possibilities, you could run  pre-show campaign for example using a competition and apply filters for the competition to get people talking about the event before it has even happened. You could of course also run a campaign during the event and post inviting people to interact with the app using your filters.
In closing, one of the most important things that you need to know about using Snapchat is there is no wrong or right business that should use it, no matter what industry you are in there are potential benefits to gain from incorporating Snapchat into your social media strategy.

How To Make A Big Impact At Exhibitions


Are you a business looking to make a big impression in its industry? Are you looking for networking prospects or to make a splash on a local, national or even international scale? Then getting involved in exhibitions and/or trade shows is the strategic move you need to make, to create those opportunities for your business.

Making a successful move into this competitive territory, will not only improve your business’ visibility and credibility at the heart of the business community, but also with your customers. At the event you’ll have the opportunity to meet prospective clients and customers, catch up with existing partners – all which are key to transforming your brand into an established name.

In order to achieve this you need to make a big impact, and as the title suggests we’re going to show how to do just that…

Maximise the potential of your event set-up…

The first step is having the right set up, here at Hytner we offer everything from Custom Built Stands to Schell Scheme interiors, look for yourself on our Services page.

Your set-up is what will attract footfall and attention, thus, the right one is what you need in order to make your next event a success.

And for the big impact…

  • Set clear objectives that you want to achieve at the event; but do not disregard those who don’t necessarily meet those objectives
  • Follow up on all exhibition interactions;
  • Utilise your social media presence to make your customers and prospective clients aware of your attendance. We have a special blog post dedicated to integrating social media into your trade show, click here to read more.
  • Where you exhibit is important, choose a venue that will position your business in the best light – preferably somewhere next to an entrance or well-known brands.
  • Scope out the competition, make notes on their service and how they interact with passers-by, this invaluable research will help you stay ahead of the game if you can improve on their methods.
  • Exhibitions are an investment, make sure you a big enough budget that you can use for the show. You don’t want to run out of brochures in the first hour, for example!