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A Successful Exhibition On Tour for ŠKODA

Skoda bespoke exhibition stand

How to build a successful bespoke stand design – and take it on tour!

There is plenty of information available giving you advice on how to create the perfect Bespoke Stand Design, but sometimes the best inspiration can be taken from real life experiences. Here we have the real story of a bespoke stand that was not only successful, but was also taken on tour around the country.

The basics

The project involved working alongside A1 Events & Exhibitions to create a bespoke stand for a ŠKODA car launch, which was taken on tour to seven UK shopping centres; the centre:MK in Milton Keynes, the Westfield centres in London and Stratford City, Manchester Arndale, intu Metrocentre in Newcastle upon Tyne, Highcross Leicester, WestQuay Southampton. These shopping centres were selected based on foot traffic density and location.

The objective

The brief for the project was to create an exhibition stand, size 17m x 8m open to all four sides, to showcase two new ŠKODA vehicles – the Yeti facelift and the Rapid Spaceback. The stand needed to be interactive in order to draw the attention of shoppers and attract them over to find out more about the vehicles and the ŠKODA offers for new cars that would be available in the following months.

The design

ŠKODA have specific brand guidelines, which must be adhered to, so the bespoke stand design had to be fresh and sharp to remain in keeping with these guidelines. Each car had a dedicated half of the stand area, and the stand had to include the cars themselves. This meant we had to create an entirely bespoke stand that would represent the differences between the two cars.

We laid specially reinforced flooring to both accommodate the vehicles and allow for the long cable runs required for the electronic aspects, with the equipment hidden in the central area between the two separate sections displaying the cars.

The ŠKODA Yeti side was designed with a ski lodge feel, complete with a frozen sorbet booth. The booth was built to look like a log cabin, with snow on the roof, a large image behind and with a matching counter containing various sweets that the public could use to top their sorbet. As we were serving food, we had to follow the shopping centre’s very strict guidelines on health and safety.

The Rapid Spaceback side was designed to give the impression of space, so a 180 degree photographic stand was used, in which members of the public had their photo taken from different angles at the same time, resulting in the appearance of floating in the air (think Matrix-style).

The result

Despite being a very demanding brief, we achieved a great deal in a relatively short space of time for this particular Bespoke Stand Design. The client was impressed with the quality of the displays, and the way in which they were used to engage the public.

To view the full case study for the ŠKODA stand, click here

Bespoke Stands vs Modular Exhibition Stands


Don’t lose their interest, Bespoke and Modular can really make you stand out!

Bespoke Stands vs Modular Exhibition Stands

When exhibiting at a trade show or promotional event, your stand could be the make or break of your success. Your display can be the difference between standing out enough to draw potential customers from across the venue, and being so insignificant that customers walk by barely noticing you are there.
So this leads to the question, which is a better investment to ensure your display is a success – Bespoke Stands or Modular Exhibition Stands? The answer is not as clear-cut as you might expect.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular Exhibition Stands are standard pieces – or modules – that are set shapes and sizes that are joined together to make your display. This may not sound particularly likely to draw the customers in, but Modular Exhibition Stands can be the start of a striking structure.
With Modular Exhibition Stands, you choose the number of components and the best-suited shapes, based on the space that is available and the nature of your exhibit. The fantastic thing about these displays is although each piece is a standard shape, they can be built upon with additional pieces to create something that stands out.
In addition to this, Modular Exhibition Stands are also easy to install and take down, relatively compact and can be reused with updated interchangeable graphics for future events. If you do choose to reuse them, you won’t need to worry about the space available as the modules can be rearranged to suit your requirements.

Bespoke Stands

So, if Modular Exhibition Stands are so beneficial, why would you choose a Bespoke one? The answer here is probably the most obvious one. A Bespoke Stand can be made exactly to your requirements and can be created in line with your brand guidelines.
A Bespoke Stand is ideal if you have a large space to fill, and want to create shapes and graphics that are distinct and eye-catching. With a Bespoke Stand, you can be as creative as your imagination and budget will allow, and design a display that will have a high impact with your target audience. They are particularly suitable for an individual event, where you want to make a big impression and stand out from the crowd.

So what’s the answer?

The answer is it all depends on what you need from your display. If you need something that can be modified and used for multiple events, then the Modular Exhibition Stand is the solution for you. However, if you need something unique, in line with your branding and that will make a big impact, then the Bespoke Stand is the option you need.