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What Do You Do After The Exhibition Event Is Over?


When the event is over, evaluate and learn…

Attending an exhibition event is a great way to introduce your company to potential customers in addition to building relationships with existing clients. However, it is important to remember that your work doesn’t finish with the exhibition. Here are some of the vital steps to take after the event.

Deliver anything you have promised

While in discussions with visitors to your stand, you may offer to send them quotes, further information on your products or even samples. It is crucial that you send anything you have promised to the contacts you have met at the exhibition. This will let them know that you value their business, and also show you are a reliable company.

Follow up leads

While attending exhibition events, you will have the opportunity to gather contact information from visitors to your stand, as well as information about their requirements. Information is best gathered manually rather than using a scanning system. This is a more personal approach, and enables you to make notes and tailor questions to the prospect’s individual needs.
Categorise the leads you have gained using a system that will allow you to contact the most promising leads first. You could give them a rating from one to ten, for example, or simply put them in to three categories depending on the nature of the lead – hot, warm or cool. If you are going to categorise as you go, make sure you are discreet. You don’t want to insult any prospects.
It is vital to follow up leads within a couple of days after the event has finished. This will keep your business in the mind of your prospect, and guarantee you stay ahead of the competition. Leads can go cold very quickly, so make sure you follow up while the lead is still likely to result in a conversion.

Contact the show organiser

It may be possible to get details about visitors to the show from the organisers of the exhibition. If they are willing to give you a list of attendees, you can use this to contact people who you didn’t have a chance to speak to, or who didn’t visit your stall.

Debriefing session with staff

After the event, sit down with your team to discuss how successful they feel it has been. Assess what went well and what didn’t work. You can then use the feedback from your staff to plan future exhibition events.