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Make Your Exhibition Design Stand Out With 5 Easy Steps

Make Your Exhibition Design Stand Out With 5 Easy Steps

A great stand won’t only attract visitors, it will also keep them there!

Did you know? In 2002 the average attention span of a person was 12 seconds. Well according to research, that has now fallen to 8 seconds in 2015, which is less than the average attention span of a goldfish.

If you’re asking yourself, with such a small amount of time to attract and engage, how could I possibly attract visitors to my stand? The answer is your exhibition design! It is a crucial step towards a successful exhibition. Your design should be exciting, inspiring and striking, just like a moth to a flame. Afterall what’s the point if you don’t stand out at a show? Using light and colour to entice prospects towards your stand and away from your competitors is the number one priority as time is ticking from day one of the show until the end.

Unfortunately, exhibiting can also be a costly investment and getting a maximum return on your investment is a very important factor as we all know. Though with the following tips you’ll be able to enhance and maximise your exhibition design so that it doesn’t become a lost opportunity.

1. Have a Unique Stand

The exhibition design should be strong, distinctive and noticeable. Exhibitions are an investment of both your money and time. If you’re going to make that commitment, ensure that your exhibition design will drum up some interest. The use of lights, vivid colours and bold, professionally made graphics are very effective in drawing some attention but most importantly it separates you from your neighbours.

If you’re having a brain fuzz, why not check out some of our Custom Built-Stands for a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

2. Make Versatility a Priority

A simple design, more often than not, is the best design. Focus instead on having an exhibition design that is accessible and inviting. There is nothing more offputting than obstacles or a cluttered and overwhelming stand. Remember, it should be a representation of your brand and you’ll want prospects to leave with a positive impression of your company and products and/or services.

You will never get a second chance to make that first impression again, so make the first one count.

3. Use Effective lighting

Lighting is always overlooked, many don’t know the huge difference that it can make on your stand. Your exhibition design can incorporate different lighting options to emphasise key products or areas of interest on your display. For example, if you launching a new product and want to make it more prominent, a spotlight will put more emphasis on that particular section.

In fact, you could even take it a step further and use different colours to make your display unique or create an effect that is in line with your brand.

4. Have Interactive technology

By including anything interactive in your exhibition design, you will pique the interest of potential customers, therefore guaranteeing increased numbers to your stand. Using screens to showcase products and promote your message is an effective way of drawing attention and enticing visitors over to find out more about your business. Gadgets are fun and interactive, and people will visit your stand to experiment with them, giving you the opportunity to talk to them and give them more information about your company.

Check our Škoda Exhibition to see how we increased their visitor engagement with an interactive photographic display.

5. Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment

Providing some entertainment on your stand as part of your exhibition design will give your display the edge over your neighbours. You could have a live demo or a workshop. People love to see a product or service in action, it will resonate better with your audience, which could improve direct sales from impulse buyers.

Alternatively, you can also provide freebies, like food or drinks, which encourages people to stop and listen while they finish their refreshments giving you the opportunity to talk about your business. A game or competition could also spark up some interest.

Make Your Stand, Stand Out!

That is the motto that you should stand by when thinking about your exhibition design. First impressions are critical, so getting it right the first time is very important.

To generate those important leads you must capture your audience’s attention over your competitors. Dazzle them with your creative visuals and inspire them  with your design.

Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed this post and gained some new insight and inspiration on exhibition shows.

If you’d like to see some visual examples of fantastic exhibition designs, please feel free to browse through Our Work. Alternatively, contact us on 0844 222 1255 or if you need help with your next project or just want some advice on uplifting your existing ideas.

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How to Get Your Stand Design Seen


Stand Designs should be seen using these key basics

The objective of presenting at an exhibition is to introduce your company and products to your target audience. Stand design is a key part of achieving this objective, but is not the only aspect that needs to be considered. One factor that plays a crucial role in drawing potential customers is the location of your stand within the venue. Occasionally you won’t have a choice about your location within the exhibition, but if you do, there are many ways in which you can maximise the opportunity to attract a larger crowd.

Obtain a Floorplan

Prior to the event, obtain a floorplan of the venue so you can plan where the best position would be to get your stand design seen. If your stand is tucked away in the corner of the room, it may be easily looked over. If you can see from a floorplan which areas of the venue are likely to attract the most footfall, you can plan your position accordingly.

Planning Your Position

When planning your position, you will need to think about how your stand design will attract attention in relation to the other displays around you. If you are in the centre of an aisle, you will need a high impact stand design to draw attention to your display over others around you. The corner of an aisle benefits from having open sides and can be seen from multiple directions, so is therefore more welcoming to potential visitors. Alternatively, an island in the centre would be a prime position for heavy foot traffic.

Facilities and Amenities

If your display is close to facilities and amenities, like the toilets or refreshment areas, this is a huge benefit in terms of foot traffic. It may not be beneficial to be directly adjacent to them, as people don’t tend to stop immediately after they leave these areas, but if your stand design is close enough to be within their line of vision, then you are more likely to attract their attention.

Neighbouring Stands

If you are able to obtain information about the positions of other exhibitors, use this to determine the most advantageous position for your company. You don’t want to be surrounded by companies that offer the same service or products, as this makes it more difficult to draw the attention of potential customers away from them and towards your stand. However, being positioned next to an industry leader is likely to draw more attention to your display.


Exhibition Systems reviewed – which fits the bill?


Choosing the right Exhibition System is all down to tailored solutions

There are so many exhibition systems on the market that it can sometimes be difficult to determine the best fit for your business. Here we will look at some of the exhibition systems available and their advantages to your company.

Foga System

Hytner Exhibitions are an exhibition and event solutions company that can help you with every stage of your event requirements, from start to finish. We supply the whole range of exhibition equipment as well as all the services you would need to make your event a success.

Mero Structures

Foga System exhibition systems are available for a variety of requirements. The product range includes modular stands, double storey options, shell scheme solutions and a portable display kit, so you are bound to find an option that fits in with your budget or space restrictions.

The systems are available in a range of finishes, including anodised aluminium or RAL colours, which is obviously an advantage in that you can choose the best option to compliment your brand.

Modul Systems

The exhibition systems provided by Modul Systems are primarily modular solutions. Their range is huge so you virtually create a bespoke display from their various components. The benefit of a Modul system is therefore twofold. You can create a unique stand with the ease of a modular kit.


Unibox’s forte is their modern take on modular solutions and their tension fabric displays.

Unibox can create an incredibly modern stand of any size with the modular range thanks to the constant development of their systems.

The tension fabric option is great for larger areas. The Unibox selection includes archways in addition to the straight or curved options, and displays can be hung from a wall or ceiling, or even erected as a freestanding display. The best part of the fabric option is that it can be folded for ease of transportation without ruining the graphics.

Eurostand Display

Eurostand’s strength lies in their portable display options and accessories. The key feature of their product range is that it is lightweight and compact so easy to transport to your event. The range is also ideal for those on a smaller budget.

T3 Systems

T3 Systems can provide both modular displays and components to adapt the graphics from the modular displays to fit shell scheme solutions. This obviously is an advantage if you are attending multiple events with different stand options.

Sodem System

Sodem System’s main selling point is their tension fabric displays. The tension fabric option is great for a high-quality finish. You can also get your money’s worth if you are planning to exhibit at a number of events, as this option is reusable and easy to transport.

Press Release: Total Exhibition Solution


Hytner Exhibitions Ltd is a leading exhibition design and build company offering a total exhibition solution to the public and private sectors. The business was established in 1993 by Managing Director Gary Hytner and is now managing the Exhibition and stand design needs of a number of household-name organisations.

Hytner’s is based in the picturesque Cambridgeshire countryside, on the outskirts of Peterborough and has a 2000 square metre warehousing facility that can be used for any size or type of exhibition design requirement.

shell scheme stands

modular exhibition stands hid

The company has built up and enviable reputation for creating cost effective, impactful installations by delivering projects on time and on budget, but what truly sets them apart is their personal approach, attention to detail, project management and their craftsmanship.

Gary Hytner comments, “We thrive on taking on new challenges from clients in an ever changing and evolving economic environment. Moving into 2013 we have ramped up our sales focus and have taken on a new Sales and Commercial Manager to cope with our increasing new enquiries and management of our existing client base.”

Andrew Linford who is the Sales and Commercial Manager comments “There is no doubt that Hytners will continue its expansion within this dynamic market due to the wide ranging capabilities of the services we can provide to our clients. It’s all about being an extension of our clients marketing team so we can provide a seamless service to them”.

For more information about Hytner’s and exhibition stand requirements please go to or contact Andrew Linford on 01733 246950 or email