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Which Is Better – Hire A Stand Or Buy?

Exhibition hire or buy, which is best?

Would hiring or buying be more cost effective for your business?

When planning for an exhibition, the most important aspect of your display will be your stand. There are many ways to create a stand so that it will attract potential customers and give you the chance to interact with them. However, the first decision you will need to make is whether to buy or hire your stand.

Here are some of the factors that you should take in to consideration when deciding whether to hire or buy.


You may think that no matter what, exhibition stands will cost a great deal of money. However, if budget is an issue, you can always look into exhibition stand hire. This is cheaper than buying your own stand, so you can be more flexible about what you include in your display. Hiring means you can have a large display at a fraction of the cost, so your exhibition budget can go further.

Exhibition experience

If you are fairly new to exhibiting, you may be unsure as to how successful you will be at a trade show. It can be difficult to judge what will be received well by potential customers and what will be ineffective. It may therefore be better to test the waters by trying exhibition stand hire rather than buying a stand so you can get feedback from potential customers without spending a huge sum of money.

You could use it as an opportunity to monitor the return of investment before investing in your own stand.

Frequency of exhibition attendance

If you attend multiple exhibitions over the course of a year, exhibition stand hire may not be the most cost effective option for your business. In this case, it might be more worthwhile to buy your own stand, particularly if you are using the same graphics at each event.

Although this may seem like a huge expense to begin with, it will actually work out more cost effective than hiring a stand each time you attend an exhibition.

Extra Features

If you are thinking about adding extra sections to your existing stand for one special event, it would be more cost effective to hire the additions rather than buying them. This would obviously keep the costs down, as you won’t be wasting a huge amount of your budget on something you will only use once. However, once again, if they are going to become a regular feature of your display, make sure you buy them to save money.