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Spruce up your office Foyer Display


Your office, your space, make lasting impressions with your office foyer display.

First impressions are significantly important. When visitors or potential clients set foot in your office, they immediately form an idea about your company based on what they see in the reception area.

A cluttered, messy area gives the impression of a disorganised company, whereas a well-designed foyer makes clients sit up and take notice. This is why it is important for your foyer display to send the right message.

Your logo

First things first, your logo should be included in your foyer display so visitors know who they are dealing with. Use signage on the walls or desk, and illuminate with spotlights to make it stand out.

You can even display branded merchandise, such as pens for visitors to use when signing in. If you’re serving refreshments, try using branded cups or glasses. This really adds a professional touch.

Using the space

You need to be aware of how much space you have to work with. If your reception area is relatively small, it doesn’t make sense to fill it will lots of free standing displays. Instead, incorporate the walls into your office foyer display. Use printed posters or boards to display information or large graphics that will stay in the minds of your visitors. The walls of the foyer will give you a large blank canvas, even if the room itself is small, so use this to your advantage.

If you have particularly high ceilings these can also be used to make the most of the space available. Use graphic boards hanging from the ceiling to display your message and fill otherwise wasted space.

Display Options

Obviously, you don’t have to be limited to using the walls alone. If you have the space, there is a huge range of display options available. Pop up stands and roller banners enable you to display large printed graphics to give visitors that WOW factor. Use the large branding area to display product imagery or give information about your company.

If you have literature about your company or products, display these on a literature stand. These can be wall mounted or free standing. Not only do they keep pamphlets and catalogues tidy, but they look professional as well.


Furnishings are an important part of your office foyer display. Include a small table and comfortable but stylish chairs to make visitors feel at ease. Make sure your message is clearly visible with good lighting so clients can read available information easily while they are waiting to be seen.