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Retail Shop Design – What Do Consumers Expect?

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Make the retail experience heavenly by giving your shops an attractive pull.

Retail stores have had to up their game in recent years with the increase in competition both online and offline. It is no longer just about the products they sell. It’s all about the complete customer experience.

Consumers expect to be comfortable and at ease while they are shopping. If customers feel uncomfortable or awkward in a store, they are likely to leave, placing their business elsewhere.

Ensuring your store has the right retail shop design will enhance the customer’s experience, and therefore your business.

Do you have the right look?

The first thing a customer is influenced by is the visual factors in a store. Your retail shop design can be seen before customers even set foot inside, so it is important that it is aesthetically pleasing. If a shop is chaotic, dull or poorly kept, customers will be put off.

Use complimentary graphics, colours and shapes to create an eye-catching design that will draw customers into the shop, using lighting to highlight products and key areas in the store. The visuals need to be in line with your brand so your customers associate your business with great design.

Can your customers shop comfortably?

It’s no use over filling your shop to the point that customers cannot move around easily. If customers are constantly bumping into one another, they won’t stay in the store for long. The retail shop design needs to be set out so that the customer can manoeuvre comfortably without obstruction.

Position stands so the products are displayed clearly without overcrowding. Make sure you leave plenty of room between display units and ensure customers can access the products easily. Positioning products on the top of a high display unit may look great, but if customers can’t reach them, they will abandon them for an alternative option.

Does your design benefit the customer?

The retail design of a store needs to work to benefit the customer’s experience as a whole. Not only should it look great, but also needs to make your customer feel good to both be in the store generally and to spend money.

The layout should be logical so customers can find what they are looking for easily. Try using partitions so customers can find the different sections with different product categories. Use the position and look of display units and graphics to make the store inviting. The different design aspects should complement each other to create a positive atmosphere that customers are happy to return to again and again.