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Roadshows Help to Keep Your Message Moving


Take your event to your market with roadshows.

Roadshows are a great way to get your brand into the minds of the general public. Having a mobile unit covered with your message in a location that it wouldn’t normally be associated with makes it stand out.

Design a trailer to suit your needs

The best thing about designing a mobile trailer for roadshows is that you can create something completely bespoke to your exact specifications.

Every aspect is customisable. Start with the shape of your trailer. Make this unique and it will be instantly eye-catching. You can then make the graphics as simple or complex as required. Use the large branding area to display details about your business or products, or let a simple image do the talking. You can even customise the colour to fit in with your brand guidelines.

Creating the perfect interior

Another advantage of using an exhibition trailer for roadshows is you can use the interior as well as the exterior to get your message across to potential customers.

The interior walls of the trailer can be covered with more printed graphics to keep your brand message consistent throughout, or used to provide additional information. The space itself can also be adapted. Use the trailer as one big open room, or section off parts to form meeting rooms for one on one discussions.

Furnishing your unit

When you open up your unit to the public, you will need furnishings to make it a comfortable space to talk about your products. You can keep things simple with tables and chairs, or add display units for brochures or the products themselves.

You can also wire up the trailer with all the electronics you would need for your show. Use screens to display images or product information, hook up computers or tablets to show customers your website, and you could even add an audio system.

On the move

While the trailer is on the move, it is bound to stand out with your branding on the outside. But what if the public doesn’t see you coming? Install a PA system! At least if they can’t see you, they will be able to hear you. Use this to your advantage by getting your brand into people’s minds, even while you are on the move. Roadshows can give you this advantage and ultimately keeps your message out there.