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So which Shell Scheme Solutions work?

Which Shell Schemes work for your exhibition?

Choosing the right Shell Scheme Solution for your Exhibition can transform your exhibit

Shell Scheme Solutions

If you are new to exhibiting, it can be difficult to know where to start with all the different stand options available. Shell Scheme Stands are ideal for first-time exhibitors or for those on a budget as they give you an area with walls erected ready for you to decorate with your display for a low cost.

The only problem with this option is that the framework looks identical to all the other Shell Scheme Stands in the venue. So how do you make your display stand out from the crowd? There are many Shell Scheme Solutions that will enable you to draw your target audience in.

Graphic Panels

Graphic Panels are a simple Shell Scheme Solution that allows you to create an eye-catching display at a low cost. You can print the panels with any full colour design depending on what you are exhibiting. You could use large, bold images covering the entire panel to draw your target audience in based on their interest in the visual. Alternatively you could use simple plain coloured panels that compliment your branding, with a simple message on one or two panels to pique your intended customer’s curiosity.

Fabric Dressing

An alternative Shell Scheme Solution for your stand is a fabric dressing. Printing your design on to fabric gives you a great quality, durable backdrop that will fill the entire wall space without any gaps or breaks. The seamlessness of the design along with the textured material will give you the edge over your neighbouring stands. In addition to this, the fabric option is lightweight, easy to transport and easy to install so you will have your display ready to go in minutes. The long-lasting nature of the fabric also means it can be used for multiple exhibitions, giving you value for money.

Shell Cladding

Cladding is another option that provides a continuous display with no break in the design. This Shell Scheme Solution offers a combination of the fabric and panel options. The graphics can run the entire length of all the available wall space without interruption, while printing on the panel material gives you an affordable option. This enables you to have a high impact stand, with bold, bright graphics to draw your potential clients without blowing your budget. It is also an easily installable option that is lightweight and easy to transport.

So Shell Scheme Stands need not be dull – using one of these Shell Scheme Solutions you can create an affordable display to entice your customers that can be reused for exhibitions time and time again.