Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv PILA Office

  • BL-4
  • BL-3

Flexibility, it’s in the making!

The Constructiv PILA office provides a flexible, modular, temporary and modern solution. It can be used as a meeting room, personal working space, and so on as it can be configured in several sizes.

Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv PILA is based on connectors made of high grade steel in different sizes. The connectors, with the supports and diagonal braces are the most important design elements of the system and are vital for flexibility, handling and design potential. Within the office it is possible to install blinds for privacy, lockable doors for security, carpeting, lighting and so on.

These temporary structures are secured in place with lockable wheels which does also mean that offices could be moved around inside a building if so wished.

This modular glass office could be utilised inside a listed building for instance where the fabric of the building cannot be altered. They could also be used in an open plan environment where, for instance, an office may be required to provide a meeting room or personal office space.

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