Burkhardt Leitner PON, CLIC, TELVIS

  • BL3-2
  • BL3-1

Constructed from Burkhardt Leitner constructiv PON, and other systems that can be utilised alongside are constructiv CLIC and constructiv TELVIS.

A travelling cocktail bar was designed and made from architectural system components using constructiv PON. The integrated counter offers open and closed shelves as well as storage area for catering equipment and consumables.

The cocktail bar was used at Ofenwerk Centre for classic vehicles in Nuremberg in 2006 and again at DekoPartner KS GmbH in Munich. This system can be assembled and dismantled quickly and easily without tools.

The modular bar is versatile enough to be used at one-day events, exhibitions or conferences. The cocktail bar can be used indoors and outdoors.

As an option constructive PON bar tables and benches as well as settings according to different themes can be added as additional elements, for instance a counter suitable for serving food built from constructive CLIC.

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