Generali - Burkhardt Leitner Stand

  • BL4-2
  • BL4-1

Trade fair popularity was insured

Generali is an Italian insurance company that needed an eye catching presence at a busy trade fair – a Burkhardt Leitner system was quickly identified as the ideal solution. Generali hold true to the concepts of hospitality, tradition and reliability at their core – with an eye for the times, these were all topics incorporated into the design and visually communicated. The red partition walls displayed the original Generali logo of 1831 and these walls combine modern and traditional aspects and place the emphasis on Italian hospitality.

The trade fair stand were built and dismantled at different locations in different formats and dimensions again and again as it is a very versatile system. The Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv PILA Petite was used for its high flexibility as a partition wall for storage space and bar and also as a support for the information panels.

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