Gordon Ramsay Modular Display

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For this modular stand construction we utilised a Foga system which was powder coated with a black finish.  The stand was built direct to the hall floor, which was finished with a grey carpet. The Stand was built to a height of 4m with MDF infill panels, spray finished in either bright green or black with various vinyl logos and text.

The rear of the Stand consisted of green, black and frosted acrylic infill panels finished with vinyl logos.

An area was created in the centre of the Exhibition to provide storage and a kitchen/preparation area with worktops, sinks, fridges, shelving and cupboards for storage of products was completed.  Access to the main stand area was via doors at either side of this kitchen/preparation space.

Custom-built solid oak worktops were built which surrounded the demonstration area to give a professional finish and included the access counter flaps and doors either side.  The front of the counter was clad in green sprayed panels and logo graphics were then applied.

Tri-light rigging was utilised at the top of Exhibition Stand to accommodate the lighting, which needed to be angled quite specifically on the demonstration areas.  Large banners were used as the backdrop with an oversize image of Gordon Ramsey to provide a high-level eye catching result.

Thress 42” Screens were mounted to the front and rear of the Exhibition Stand,  playing continuous footage via DVD players of the Gordon Ramsey professional range of products.

The result was an eye catching Stand Design which delivered on all counts and attracted visitors in their masses to the stand.

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