HID Exhibition Stand Design

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We were contracted to produce a double deck exhibition stand for greater impact. The double deck construction is made from metal supports and flooring and structural calculations have to be submitted to the organisers to gain approval to build. The curved staircase and flooring are made of timber and covered with carpet. The office walls are all of timber construction and then finished in a white paint. As part of the visual display ceiling sails were commissioned to mount above the upper deck, these were made from a stretchy flame retardant fabric.

The platform flooring is covered in different colour carpets with the client’s logo in cut out carpeted lettering on two corners of the stand with metal carrier bag stands on the other two corners.

The tower unit that forms part of the upper deck and ground floor offices is clad in sheet timber with a painted finish and then covered in graphics. The corner section is backlit and clad in coloured acrylic.

The Pod units are all constructed from mdf & timber with metal floor supports to provide support and rigidity. Access is made on each Pod for cabling. The curved end blades are illuminated with centre lighting and acrylic covered graphics either side.

The stand lighting throughout the ground level of the stand is supported by Modul aluminium fascias which join the pod units together to afford extra stability.

Incorporated on the stand are reception areas with low level leather tub chairs, small round bar tables and stools, and bar counter units on the upper and lower decks. A hospitality area on the upper deck also has low level leather tub chairs and glass coffee tables. A small lockable storage area was also created on the lower deck for client’s literature and catering supplies

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