Exhibition Stand Advice

Exhibition Stand Advice, Tips and Design Ideas

Before you plan your next consumer exhibition or trade show event, make sure you follow these exhibiting guidelines.

You can love it or you can hate it but there is no escaping consumer or trade shows in a environment where face to face marketing can really work.

If you happen to be in the Sales and Marketing division in a business or industry where exhibitions are a part of the marketing plan, it is more than likely than not that you will be involved in them sooner or later.

Below are a series of Exhibition Advice points which will help you along your way, be it your first time or not…

What is the best position for an Exhibition Stand?

When choosing your stand position, look to see where your competitors are, who is surrounding you and the main walkways. Depending on the type of show being near to the main entrances or food hall may be a great place to capture visitors.

Should I find out which Exhibitor is potentially going to be next to us?

Yes, you must consider your neighbour. This logic can work both ways, if you are next to a large multi-tier Exhibition stand, then you can attract a considerable footfall during the Exhibition. On the other hand, if you have a reasonably small stand next to a huge display space, then you might get completely dwarfed by the next one.

Should I listen to other Exhibitors for advice for stand position?

One of the best ways to choose the Exhibition Stand location is previous experience. A number of Exhibition shows have their oddities which might only be realised by previous Exhibitors so we advise that you speak to colleagues who have attended the Exhibition before you.

Planning for an Exhibition - how far should I plan in advance?

Probably at least six to seven months before a trade show, making sure you have goals and objectives in a pre-show memo sent to all involved in the show. This overview will include a list of products being presented, show detail, logistics, display guidelines, the appearance of the stand design, and operation of the Exhibition.
It should also have input from your sales, management, and marketing departments. Also, the pre-show meeting time and the location is important, as well as a stand duty roster, should all be in place many weeks before anyone departs for the Exhibition show.

How much Exhibition Stand Space do we need?

Simple, just research how many targeted prospective customers you will be wanting to reach and this will how much stand space is needed to reach goals and objectives for the show. The average salesperson can make one good sales presentation for every 10 minutes while on stand and needs about 5 feet of actual space in which to operate within.
If your pre-show plan is ideally aimed at seeing 10% of the 5,000 attendees or 500 prospects and customers during the 24 hours a show is open, you’ll need at least 20 feet of space and 5 salespeople manning the Exhibition Stand at all times.
Consider additional Exhibition space for storage, literature processing, customer relations, audio visual equipment and conference rooms.

How should we design the Exhibition Stand?

Your stand graphics and logos should be as large as possible and eye-catching to show your company name, logo, products or services to their greatest advantage to attract visitors onto your stand.

What about staffing the stand?

We’re not all well suited to effectively and positively manning a stand to perform the duties required during all scheduled hours of the Exhibition. Whoever you select to work the stand must have full knowledge of product features, benefits, and value and be comfortable to present and demonstrate them within a busy environment. The pre-show meeting the night before is a perfect opportunity opportunity for marketing, management, and sales to review the stand’s mission. Staging a stand team meeting each evening at the end of the Exhibition also gives an opportunity for everyone to compare their notes, review sales leads, make changes to improve display and stand function aspects, and generally prepare for the next day’s jobs.

How do I choose an Exhibition Stand Contractor?

Typically, you should be asking them: 1. What is the history and reputation of the Stand Contractor? 2. Do they offer the type of product, design service, on-site service and guarantee required to create your ideal exhibition stand? 3. Is the stand easy to transport and assemble? 4. Are there any on-going costs, and will it be economical to expand, reconfigure or refurbish for future shows? 5. Are there storage options available for the stand?

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