Burkhardt Leitner - Constructiv PON

Burkhardt Leitner

What are the applications of Burkhardt Leitner systems?

Museums / Offices / Public Spaces / Shop Fitting / Exhibitions / Portable Displays / Retail Displays

Burkhardt Leitner Display Systems Available

constructiv PILA










Used for high-volume structures above 100m2 in area, with wide support spacings. Generous cantilevered structures for high static loads.

Trade fairs, Outdoors


constructiv PON









Orthogonal orientation. For volumes above 0.3m3. High stability with very low dead weight. Cantilevered structures up to 12m.

Trade fair, Display, Exhibition, Retail


constructiv CLIC









Orthogonal orientation. Assembly does not require tools. Lightweight fast assembly and dismantling. Can be expanded as required.

Trade Fairs, Display, Exhibitions, Retail


constructiv TELVIS









A Telescopic system for assembly without any tools, for two-dimensional presentation of surfaces and formats of any size. Extremely rapid assembly and dismantling for ease.

Display, Exhibitions, Retail