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Trade Shows can be busy, really busy. You often don’t get the time to take a minute out and look around at your fellow exhibitors. However, set some time aside, take a look at what your competitors are doing and particularly look out for the following points below.

These can be good identifiers of how a business is doing and show you how bigger business are developing allow you to to also implement new techniques yourself.

See new products they are launching

This is especially useful if you have any direct competitors, seeing what the trends are at each show can leave you in a much better position after the show. Having an insight into the current trading environment allows you to keep up with your competitors business.

For example if you see one of your best performing competitors taking on a new form of technology such as QR codes, it might also be time for you to implement similar technology within your business.

Lead Capture Methods

Are your competitors trying new lead capture techniques at the event? If so what are they doing? Have you implemented this yourself and if not should you? These are all questions you should be asking…

If you’ve identified a competitor that is using new lead capture techniques and they report a successful year, it may be time to try that technology yourself.


Your staff are one of the most crucial components of having a successful booth. They are the lifeline between your business and it’s message and potential customers or prospects..

Therefore keeping your staff well trained and informed, not to mention working efficiently is essential. One way to improve on this area is by looking at how your close competitors are using their staff and how they work around the stand. If people are engaged with a certain exhibition stand make sure your observe how their staff are acting and replicate this within your business, if pertinent to do so.


One crucial thing to look out for is giveaways within the business, or at the booth. Seeing what your competitors are giving away, what technology or methods they are using and what kind of reception they are getting. Giveaways can go really well, it is therefore a great resource to look at and replicate what your competitors are doing if it works for them.


How is your competitor laying out their event stand, where do they put their most important products? Do they ensure that people can easily access all parts of their stand?Noticing theses trends in stand placement and organisation is important for the development of your own stand. Taking on board what successful exhibitors are doing with their stands is one of the first steps at being successful yourself.

So there you have it, there are a collection of tips and pointers to look at for at your next tradeshow, it can be hard to take some time and put attention to somewhere other than your stand, however, putting aside a small amount of time to do just this, can provide you with much more value in the long term.

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